Words matter: Courier puts misleading title on front page

Words matter: Courier puts misleading title on front page

GRANTS PASS, OREGON. —Show us all the receipts for the timber the government purchased to make the timber their own that would allow them to negotiate our resources. The timberlands of Oregon do not belong to the feds. They are not federal timberlands, they are county and public lands. This was the title in Thursday’s 7-2-15 daily courier, “The Fight For More FEDERAL Timber”.

The papers headline is misleading giving people the impression that the federal government owns the timber. In fact, they don’t even lease it anymore to compensate the counties for land use that would otherwise make an income for the county.

These paragraphs are from the story in the Daily Courier:

“Three weeks ago, a federal appeals court overturned a 2013 ruling that ordered the Bureau of Land Management to sell more timber in Southern Oregon, saying timber companies had no standing to sue because they failed to show they suffered harm from reduced logging. The BLM also in April released draft management plans with harvest levels that timber companies say fall short of their economic needs. Any decision is several months away.”

The Environmentalist have no standing, the federal government has no standing, only the state has the standing since the false claim about the spotted owl has clearly shown that the impact here in Josephine County to be the destruction of our local economy.

The harvest levels in 2011, 2012 and 2013 in the Medford District were 8.4, 12.3 and 22 million board feet. Prior to the Northwest Forest Plan 20 years ago, the district total was more than 100 million board feet a year.

This kind of dramatic reduction in timber production shows up in all districts. Where would the timber industry be now if they were not bridled with federal control? What would our unemployment rate be, if the timber industry were to flourish under its own control?

The use of the EPA and the environmental movement as a tool for land grabs has always been the plan since the Rockefellers hijacked the environmental movement decades ago. The spotted owl was never in danger since it is breeding itself out of existence with the larger bard owl no matter what man does. It also does not need old growth forests to live as they have been found everywhere in this state. The argument for the protection of species should never outweigh the rights of the people. Unfortunately the globalist have turned that on its head as humans are viewed as bad for the planet. They all got away with it because no one challenged them from the inception, not the county nor the state or the people.

Extinction levels are at an all time high (approx. 200 species a day) due to Geo-engineering not the harvesting of timber. Why aren’t the environmentalists speaking out about the weather manipulation and geo-engineering destroying our planet?

We must remove the endangered species act, the EPA, the BLM, and the federal government from controlling our county.

The BLM are not the owners of our timber, so how can they sell something they themselves have not purchased from this county. Are they making a profit selling our own timber back to us? Since they are not the owners, why are they allowed to regulate how we harvest our own resources? Federal subsidies were halted by the feds for this districts timber and therefore do not allow the feds to dictate what the counties do with timber.

We continue to let a federal appeals court dictate to us what we should do in our own state with our own resources to our own detriment. It’s like a squatter living in your vacant house and if you allow it to continue, do nothing about it, eventually he becomes the owner and you loose what once belonged to you.

The collective sovereign states are what formed the federal government not the other way around. The federal government only takes, producing nothing. In fact, all alphabet agencies are failures and only increase our overhead as a nation. So why put them in charge of anything? If the government agencies were private businesses, they would all be bankrupt.

BLM again is trashing states rights. So the Ninth and tenth amendment sovereignty rights need to be declared again. Over thirty states have declared their sovereignty rights from the federal bullies, time for Oregon to do the same.

Once again, the federal government has no standing or jurisdiction, when it is the counties and the public that actually own the timber. As long as we allow the federal government to dictate to the states, what they should do with their resources, then agenda 21 will progress full speed ahead and this county will continue to suffer both financially and economically.

Many erroneous allegations about endangered species and who should control the lands, have made Josephine County the poorest-richest county in Oregon. We have a wealth of resources just waiting to be harvested, extracted, milled, and mined but the federal governments overreach is creating a very poor county with high unemployment as prescribed by agenda 21, which has the intention to consolidate and control all resources globally. We must take back our public lands from the robber barons if the county hopes to create jobs and personal wealth for its citizens.

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