Choose Wisely When You Vote For Your County Commissioner

Choose Wisely When You Vote For Your County Commissioner

by Ron Smith

Hello Josephine county,

This is Ron Smith your Candidate for Commissioner.

I’m Running as the People’s commissioner with a policy of complete transparency and openness.

I’m starting that policy right now!  This message is to inform you the people and taxpayers of Josephine County about an dangerous ordinance the current board, including my opponent voted once (on the first reading) already.

Remember 8 years ago the ‘Nuance Ordinance’ that the people petitioned to overturn and then voted down by 80%.

Well, It’s back folks!

These new rules ‘If Adopted’ would allow unwarranted intrusive government inspections of your private property looking for violations.

It doesn’t matter what you say or want, the government can get an administrative warrant and force their way onto your property.

A second reading for adoptions was scheduled for October 21st before the elections. For some unexplained reason, the board panicked and rescheduled the second reading of this intrusive ordinance until November 4th the day after election.

Ask yourself WHY? I think the answer is obvious!

Elect Ron Smith The People’s Commissioner to protect, serve and inform you, ‘The People of Josephine County’.

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