Do You Want Accountability In Josephine County Government?

Do You Want Accountability In Josephine County Government?

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Now or never, do or die, vote this November 3rd like your life depends on it because it truly does! If Lady Liberty is lost, she’s never coming back. You most likely have heard that the upcoming elections are the most important in American history. Yes they are, and ignorance can no longer be an excuse.  We can’t afford to be undecided; we must show our power in numbers to the would-be oppressors in November.

The American people by design (and currently Constitutionally guaranteed) are the deciders on which direction our country takes, there are only two roads of direction; one road leads to freedom and a small government by, for, and of the people. The other road leads to bigger government, more taxes, more regulatory control with a socialist agenda and a diminished life style. Which will you choose? What future do you want for you, your spouse, your children, and grandchildren?

The vast majority of our problems that we face in Oregon and the country are the result of electing the wrong people to public office, election fraud, and plain ignorance of the candidates, (Don’t you want to know who’s working for you?) so obviously elections have consequences that are very personal to everyone.

Governmental corruption is systemic with bad elected representatives running amuck putting their self interest and agenda ahead of what’s best for the people, state, and country, presenting a clear danger to our freedom and that is no longer tolerable.

Those elected representatives that are more focused on getting re-elected and lining their pockets with taxpayers and special interest monies have to be shown the door with YOUR VOTE. We must choose wisely November 3rd because the future of Josephine County and America is in serious peril and our freedoms and constitution MUST be preserved.

Elections at the national and state levels are beginning to take shape and there are candidates identified for their traditional American values, values that must be defended, protected, and promoted by US.. We are seeing the race for President, federal, and state offices, being defined on television, radio and printed ads everywhere but what about the government that’s closest to you? What do you really know about your local government and your elected employees that you have most control over?

Your local county government is the governmental body where we possess the most control over what impacts us locally. To take this country back we have to start locally and work our way back up the political food chain replacing the bad people with the right people.

Hopefully, one day it’s one county, then two, then five, then 36 counties statewide re-affirming the freedoms and God given rights we in America have defended with the “blood of patriots and tyrants”, but only if we use the mother of all weapons wisely, your vote. Used wisely your vote is the best weapon against tyranny. Your vote could start the process of reclaiming what is rightfully ours and it would be a wise decision to look into Ron Smith for County Commissioner seat #2. Here are a few examples of what Ron Smith is about.

  • Pro USA
  • Pro Trump
  • Pro Family
  • Pro life, liberty, and happiness
  • Pro Law Enforcement
  • Pro Constitution
  • Pro Business and jobs
  • Pro de-regulation
  • Pro Timber and related industries
  • Pro public/private land use

Ron’s opponent Dan De Young has a few examples of what he’s about.

  • Pro Taxes (proposes a regional sales tax that was many times shot down, a lodging tax on hotels, motels, and R.V. Parks, not to mention a sales tax on marijuana.)
  • Pro Big Government (wants to bring back Code Enforcement Rules that were ditched 8 years ago, the four nuisance ordinances that the County was going to enact before the people, having to use a referendum, put them on the ballot and voted them down by 80%!)
  • He thinks he’s a government employee at their (the government’s) beck and call and not an employee of the people who elected him.
  • Has changed his whole platform from that which he was elected on.
  • Knows very little about land use which is at the core of the job.

As you know it takes money to get the right people in and Ron Smith can sure use your generous donations on his web page linked below. Make your hard earned money count for all the right reasons by supporting Ron Smith for county commissioner seat #2. Thank You in advance, You and God can save America!

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