Why the levy keeps failing

Why the levy keeps failing

Grants Pass, Oregon. —It’s not due to stubbornness or that people don’t support public safety, they do and would like to support it in a different way, if they’re given a fair shake that wasn’t strapped to the back of their property tax. The county politicians obviously don’t understand the word no and that in itself is creating discourse among voters.

Some other reasons for the discourse is that the people are tired of lies, hidden agendas like secret committees appointed by another secret committee to audit the levy that was called off just before Election Day, and who paid to fund this levy attempt to the tune of $100,000? There are reports that a firm in California was paid 40,000 dollars to design the con job presentation and how to manipulate the public to get the levy passed.

Add to that no line items with brief information on the ballot pamphlet, and the complete ramifications not given up front. Sure they push numbers in your face but they are short on showing you where the money is going. For example, after 5 years, 4.7 million dollars was skimmed right off the top by the commissioners to bail out Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).

PERS is in debt for nearly that amount and it’s the fault of the county to begin with, who has been using it as their private slush fund much like the government has used our social security money.

The county already has a bad reputation for overspending with the O&C money, so is it any wonder there’s no trust? The levy failed by an even bigger amount this time than previous elections 54% NO 46% YES with a 47% voter turnout, where last time it was 51% NO and 49% YES with 43% voter turnout.

The discourse can also be attributed to our new Sheriff Daniel, who teamed up with the pastors to tell you to pass the levy. He has repeatedly shown the public he can’t be trusted. For instance, he can’t be trusted with an overtime budget that he just burned through. How can the public trust him with more? Or the fact that he’s firing all the women in the jail staff unjustly and is in the process of laying off 16 more jail staff. Not to mention that as soon as he got sworn in, he invited the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to come to the county with his blessing. Since the BLM has no jurisdiction in the county, former Sheriff Gilbertson kept them out.

Basically there’s no trust, no transparency and no accountability. How can people vote for something as serious as this when they are being deceived?

Just look at our three commissioners; do they give you a sense of trust? Three socialists. One that wants to create a code inforcement police state, another says he was a former registered socialist in Orange Caunty California and a guy who used another persons cell phone to sends a text to a mans daughter saying: “God, I want to get in your pants”?

These are just some of the obvious reasons but the real reason is the churches.

The pinnacle reason why the levy fails is the 501c3 state run churches and their Clergy Response Teams (CRT). We now have state run media and state run religion. CRTs’ are a program that was introduced back in the forties with pastors going for the government’s faith based religious money. But it was the then, Senator Lyndon Johnson’s amendment that made 501c3 status a household name. DHS and FEMA took the ball and are running with it.

Churches like the Parkway Christian Fellowship run by Pastor Dennis Webber and the River Valley Church run by Pastor Mark Goens are prime examples of what the CRT is all about. Time permitting watch this 33 min video below from an Alex Jones interview with Pastor Chuck Baldwin.

Here’s a quote from Pastor Mark Goens, “It is painful that we don’t listen to authority”. He also made this statement; “People go to school board meetings and question their every decision and trying to change everything they don’t like.” See the video below.

Isn’t that what school board meetings are for? Are we to obey and accept the school boards direction (Common Core) without question? Is this the introduction of Marxism pastors? Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Nothing has changed in two thousand years.

Then we have Pastor Dennis Webber, who believes people should believe him and obey government authority because God put them there. Did God put Obama in office or misguided people?

The 501(c)3 churches, because of their tax exempt status, are nothing more than charities with a cult of personalities, and are used as political control mechanisms to the unwitting masses.

Under direction of the Clergy Response Teams (CRT), pastors are urged to use sermons Romans 13 and take it out contexts to convince the congregations that government is the AUTHORITY and they should just go along to get along. Isn’t God the authority? Could a pastor contradict himself any better?

The CRTs’ number one objective is to get people to go along with the government takeover of society during any emergency natural or manmade, accidental or orchestrated. This is not a matter of “if”, but rather a matter of “when”.

When people naturally distrust the government, for good reasons, these teams are there to quell dissent. Dissent is the purest form of patriotism. Isn’t disobediance to evil, obediance to God?

The CRTs’ mission is to express the sentiment: “Let’s cooperate and get this thing over with and then we’ll settle the differences once the crisis is over.” The CIA calls this psychological warfare, the war for your mind referred to as Psy-ops. To quell dissent the government is setting up around the country “Community Oriented Policing” where the cops make home visits, pretend to make friends with the people. In reality they want to know how you feel toward government officials and wheather you have any firearms. A data base is kept on what the cops find out.

During Hurricane Katrina the CRT’s were used to take the guns away from law abiding citizens that were high and dry in the upscale neighborhoods. Many of our National Guard troops regret that day but it happened anyway.

According to Sandy Davis of Homeland security “these clergy would already be known in the neighborhoods in which they’re helping to diffuse that situation.”

“So if government gave orders to abandon homes, turn over guns, leave livestock behind, or whatever would come to the minds of various officials (servants) during an “emergency,” would be easier for people to accept,” her report indicated.

They must create an atmosphere of trust and what better way to do that than in the churches. This way, the congregations can help get the wrong people in power to take control and help facilitate the round up of citizens, which, in the worst case scenario, may include nationwide martial law. At that point America could go under UN control with UN troops on the streets, which will mean a total loss of sovereignty and private property just as the globalist planned. The SS and other government checks won’t go out during martial law.

The CRT formed by FEMA and DHS who recruited 28,000 pastors to be part of the CRT are used to tell congregations to report on their neighbors (snitch society), who to vote for because it’s Gods’ will, obey authority, and CRT will also aid in citizen round up of dissidents and gun confiscations, with citizens going to re-education FEMA Camps. The CRT will be praying for you all the way there.

The CRT is a team of pastors whose duty it is, to be available for the government at any time in the event of any emergency, be it a biological attack, false flag event, chemical warfare, natural disaster, whatever. These pastors have sold out, not only themselves and the congregations, but this country as well and have left God at the doorstep in doing so.

These response teams are there to insure that the church congregations obey the authority and vote accordingly. Authority, according to Pastor Dennis Webber was given to him and public officials by God. See the Video.

Ask your pastor if he’s a member of the Clergy Response Team. He will have to lie to you if he denies it, because the pastors involved using this kind of rhetoric, know exactly what they are doing. Ninety perecent of those involved are confirmed agents of the state using religion against you and your better judgment. PCF and RVC are CRT.

What we need from the church is inspiration to take back our rogue government not deception. The churches and pastors have been muted by their tax exempt status giving worshipers a false sense of security.

Pastors are supposed to be the watchmen to warn us of the wolves at the gate. Instead, they are telling their congregations to lie down and accept whatever the authority dishes out. For more information on how to fight back go to Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s site www.libertychurchproject.com. And please, tell all your friends that live in Josephine County to sign up for our Southern Oregon NWV News alerts.

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NWV will reveal how your high paid public servants want to:

1- Put meters on your well to monitor your water consumption.
2- The power company (working with the government) will install (by force) a Smart Meter on your house so they can monitor your electric consumption.
3- Fine you for burning wood to heat your home for polluting the air
4- Charge you for every mile you drive your gasoline or electric powered car.
5- Confiscate food storage from the people during a manufactured or natural crisis.
6 – Create a snitch society to turn your neighbor in for anything that the government deems inappropriate. (It’s called, “See something say Something”)
7- Create Community Oriented Policing.

All they need to accomplish this is your money and blind trust.

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