Trump Campaign Worker Dr. Diann Morrrison Will Speak In Grants Pass To Josephine County Republicans

Trump Campaign Worker Dr. Diann Morrrison Will Speak In Grants Pass To Josephine County Republicans

Elmers Restaurant, Tuesday, April 4, 6:00 PM.

Diann MorrisonDiann is an Alaska native, Haida Indian and Native American, Cherokee. She moved to Eugene in 1996 from Alaska. She Became Lane County coordinator for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign because she knew if he wasn’t elected president we would lose America. She said, “when he came down the escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidency, I witnessed a man who loved America and wanted to protect her borders, restore law and order – most of all restore our pride in being “Americans, one nation under God!

He wanted to “make America great again.” I come from one of the most radical, extremist democratic cities in America – Eugene, Oregon.  Yet, I convinced Donald Trump to come to Eugene where 16,000 people showed up for his rally, we turned half away, not enough room. To me this was the turning point in Oregon’s political landscape. I witnessed people coming out to see him who are hungry for a change in Oregon. And Donald Trump lost by 10% to Hillary!!!   This is not a hard percentage to overcome in 2018 election.

This is why Diann has come to speak at Josephine county. To unify Republicans and undeclared voters. 662,000 registered Republicans. 660,000 undeclared voters. President Trump pulled 782,000.

Oregon hit a record 2 million, but one and five voters tossed out their ballots.  540,000 -And no one has gone to these registered voters who tossed out or ignored the ballots  they received.  This is what we need to do, because we need 350,000 more voters to remove the democratic control in our Senate and House, remove Governor Brown, PERS, Merkley, in 2018!

Our governor has issued a call to Oregonians to join her anti-Trump campaign. I am sending out a press release accepting her challenge. I am calling for Trump supporters – – the forgotten man and woman in Oregon to join us.   This is kicking off her campaign for 2018. Since she cannot run on her abysmal failures and policies, and her governorship has been racked with one scandal after another. She chooses to focus on President Trump only because she has no record or a record that’s riddled with failures. There won’t be a contest if we get into a debate with her publicly.

We will issue a proclamation to Oregonians, “you the forgotten man and woman will be forgotten no longer!” This was Trump’s proclamation. This is how will we will defeat evil in Salem.

One by one our politicians have closed  timber operations, mining and fish operations because of extreme environmental regulations. The wealth of our middle class in Oregon has been ripped from homes and then re-distributed as in socialistic countries who are in deep poverty. Oregon is one of those states in deep debt and ignores the needs of its people.

President Trump said, “we will no longer accept politicians Who are all talk and no action – – complaining constantly but never doing anything about it.”  The time for empty promises is over in Oregon – now arises our hour of action in Oregon!

We must take our message to the forgotten man and woman. Those that are disenfranchised, powerless against the political machine in Salem who is bleeding it’s taxpayers paying for big government through it’s PERS , Illegal immigrants who are draining the healthcare system, education, housing:   for Oregonians who give up family vacations, buying homes, even buying their children new school clothes.

We must band together and our voices will be heard at the ballot box in 2018 because we must go to those 540,000 who feel left out, and powerless, we must tell them they are the power of change!!!

Let’s issue them the same promise that President Trump gave to all Americans, “I will fight for you with every breath in my body, and I will never, ever let you down. Oregon will start winning again. We will bring back jobs to Oregon. We will bring back our borders and our wealth, and our dreams!” We will cut Business taxes which will allow businesses to flourish!

For too long, a small group in Salem’s Capital have reaped the rewards of government, their death spiraling PERS Program, where one retiree receives, $32,000 a month, while we, the taxpayers have born the cost, and we the people in Oregon do not share in its wealth. In closing, I will quote President Trump.

“We assemble here in Josephine County today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, every rural community, in every hall of power, from this day forward, it’s going to be only Oregonians first, and America first”.

Elmers Restaurant, Tuesday, April 4, 6:00 PM.

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Diann Morrison, Ph.D is a semi-retired business owner. Diann joined the Lane County Republicans in 1998, being an active PCP. Since March 2015 Diann was Mr. Trump’s coordinator for Lane County. She believed, ‘If Mr. Trump was not elected president of the United States we would lose America.” Diann have been so passionate about it, that she spent endless hours campaigning for Donald J. Trump. Diann was partially instrumental for bringing Mr. Trump to Eugene for the May 2016 rally. She truly believes that, “Mr. Trump’s election for president has returned government to us, the people. President Trump received more votes in the primary than any Republican candidate in the history of Oregon.
1. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, PhD, (7/1989) Administration, Finance & Law
2. Stanford University, Stanford, CA Doctoral work (1984-86) MA Admin., Economics., & Policy. Awarded Stanford’s Most Prestigious Honor: A Fellowship to study for a PhD..
3. University of Alaska, Juneau, AK MA :(1983-84) Master’s Public Admin.; Minor Bus. Admin.
4. University of Alaska, Juneau, AK Bachelor Science (with Honors)
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (1978 summer) Studied Finance
6. University of California-Berkeley (1977 Summer) Studied Finance

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