Treachery from inside Eagle Forum family

Treachery from inside Eagle Forum family

An honest enemy is better than a false friend. When in doubt, pay more attention to what people do and less to what they say. Actions not only speak louder than words, they are more difficult to fake. —Zero Dean

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies. It comes from your friends and loved ones.

One Daughter’s Antipathy

What would make the daughter of Phyllis Schlafly so hate her mother that she would seek to destroy her life’s work? What would make her beliefs be the antithesis of her mother’s life work and faith? What would make that same daughter cause dissention and defy court orders at Eagle Forum’s 2016 Council Meeting? And what would make that daughter go against Council laws and try to videotape one of her quislings who had no right to even be on the stage to speak?

Worse yet, what would make that same daughter lie and tell others that her mother blessed this evil venture on her deathbed? Phyllis made a clean break of it when she knew she was dying; she made a legal declaration that her daughter, Anne Cori, and the litigants and their cohorts working to destroy Eagle Forum, were not to be allowed into her home.

On the day that Phyllis died, Ms. Cori made a surprise visit to her mother’s home contrary to the instructions of her mother and her healthcare representative.

Ms. Cori spent 45 minutes with her mother, while Phyllis’ dear friend, Kathleen, watched from the doorway. Anne later claimed that her mother smiled, squeezed her hand, forgave her, and that Anne would carry on Phyllis’s legacy. The problem with this massive deception is that Phyllis had been in a coma for over 10 hours, as confirmed by multiple witnesses including a home health care assistant. Kathleen documented the truth, and knew that Phyllis could not, and did not, do anything Anne claimed.

To top it off, Ms. Cori pretended to sign a contract with a speaker on behalf of Missouri Eagle Forum without legal authority. Ms. Cori uses her title “vice-chair” of Eagle Forum, which has no executive authority and no power to bind Missouri Eagle Forum.

Sometimes the people you’d take a bullet for are the ones behind the trigger. Sadly, it’s often with friends and family.

The Brilliant Schlafly Family

The 2016 Eagle Forum Council was an outstanding display of love for the founder, Phyllis Schlafly. Phyllis finished her master’s degree in a matter of months. When someone said to Phyllis, “Well, you’re not even a lawyer,” she went back to law school in her 50s and became a lawyer. Phyllis was at the center of conservative politics for about 25% of the length of the entire republic. Here she is, JD ’78, left, with law school classmates, Mary Stolar, JD ’79, and. Stephen Vossmeyer, JD ’77.

Phyllis’s entire family has followed in their parents’ footsteps regarding education. Andrew, and Liza are attorneys, and John is both an attorney and CPA. Dr. Bruce is a hand surgeon, and Roger has a PhD in mathematics. Ms. Cori has her undergrad degree in history from Georgetown University, and she is a cook who owns the Kitchen Conservatory, a retailer which offers cooking classes.

Anne married Tom Cori, a widower and former CEO of Sigma-Aldrich, a Merck Company, in 2004. Ms. Cori used to cater affairs for Tom’s first wife, who was on the board of Planned Parenthood.

The Gang of Six Turns Against Phyllis

Last year, when Phyllis endorsed Donald Trump for President, board members who were once close to her turned against her, led by her youngest child, Anne Cori.

Six of the eleven board members of Eagle Forum (501c4) desired to take over the organization behind Phyllis’s back and remove her and the board’s choice as president, Ed Martin. Those six rogue board members are Anne Cori of Missouri, Eunie Smith of Alabama, Cathie Adams of Texas, Rosina Kovar of Colorado, Shirley Curry of Tennessee, and Carolyn McLarty of Oklahoma. Dominionist Donna Hearne is not on the board, but is in bed with the rest of these traitorous women. She is the Missouri operative whose donors are drying up, and she has worked to plan the takeover.

These six, and a few Eagles who agree with them, are supporters of Ted Cruz or NeverTrumpers. Anne Cori, who has declared herself “pro-choice,” strongly supported Ted Cruz who is committed to rewriting the Constitution in an Article V Convention. Does Anne Cori support a Con-Con? Who knows, but that too is anathema to her mother’s beliefs. Ms. Cori did nothing to stop Con-Con as it sailed to passage in Missouri last year, until national Eagle Forum intervened, another reason her mother fired her.

Big power and money are behind this NWO move. Remember, former Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli is the same person who is an outspoken supporter of “Convention of States,” and the same person who threw the tantrum trying to change the rules on the convention floor. Even though Ken is part of the Virginia delegation (not Texas), Ken was the person who escorted Heidi Cruz out of the convention as the crowd heckled her because of her husband’s speech when he failed to endorse Trump. The Con-Con network is central to the Cruz campaign and its strategy.

Dissention at Eagle Council

The very first day of the Council meeting, the “Gang of Six” and their devotees showed up sporting badges that said, “For Phyllis.” In fact, it is the opposite, they are against Phyllis and everything Eagle Forum stands for, because Phyllis endorsed Donald J. Trump for president. The reality is that none of this Gang of Six or their adherents are really “For Phyllis.” They are with her pro-choice, pro-Cruz daughter, Anne Cori, and some of them have jumped on the Cruz bandwagon for a Constitutional Convention, which is needed for Cruz’s North American Union.

The liberal law firm, Spencer Fane LLC, being used by Cori and gang, has current active ties with Planned Parenthood. Their takeover attempt seeks to put Cori in charge of Eagle Forum; they are not searching for a new leader as they pretended to be doing.

As to the Gang of 6, Eagle Council confirmed that they are rejected by the vast majority of Eagles when former Oregon State Senator, Marylin Shannon asked for a vote from us, and she got it in spades!

Fewer than 5% of attendees sided with the Gang of 6. The handful who did support the Gang of 6 resorted to rude, disruptive behavior. Multiple attendees complained to Andy Schlafly about conduct by the Gang’s co-conspirators during the conference.

On Sunday, after Publius Huldah spoke, various state members took the stage to give their reports. The specific names of speakers, and what they would talk about was determined beforehand, and anyone from the “Gang of Six” was not to disrupt the conference. However, Deborah Love of Alabama took the stage as an attempt to use a proxy in defiance of a court order which the Gang of Six litigants was required to respect/or obey. She was not accepted because her name was not on the court order dated that Friday when Eagle Council began.

She apparently doesn’t know the status of her state either, because she claimed they’d fought off the Article V Constitutional Convention in Alabama. I beg to differ with her, because in early 2015, they passed a call of the unlawful and unconstitutional Convention of States.

Ed Martin told her she was not allowed to speak and should remove herself from the stage, but she would not. Joyce Koth, who was sitting two seats to my right, started singing, America the Beautiful, and we all joined in song. Zina, who was sitting to my left stood up and went to the stage and turned the microphone upside down, and then turned her back on Deborah Love. We succeeded in drowning her out.

Anne Cori tried to film Deborah Love, which again, is not allowed, so Joyce stepped in front of her.

Andy Schlafly mentioned that several members at Eagle Council observed that Ms. Cori’s constant grin reminded them of the Joker.

One gentleman who sat next to Tom Cori told me that Tom said he and his wife always sit at separate tables so they could later compare notes.

Anne Cori Ousted

On Sunday, after Eagle Council completed, another conservative board of directors, (501c3), which is the larger organization, met at Phyllis’s home and kicked Anne Cori and one of her supporters off its board, by a nearly unanimous vote. They had to threaten to call the police to get Ms. Cori to leave.

The Gang of Six has left a string of unpaid bills to innocent vendors of Eagle Forum, despite having the funding to pay them. The Gang is late again in approving payment of the lease obligation on the office in D.C.

They never allowed Eagle Forum to pay its share, or any share, of the very successful pro-life “Life of the Party” event during the convention in Cleveland. Their conduct impacts the pro-life issue because the Gang of 6 continued to block the payment of expenses for Phyllis’s traditional pro-life event at the Republican convention. Any one of the six could stop the interference of this pro-life event by standing up for life, or by dropping their unjustified lawsuit against Eagle Forum. Ed Martin had to find another way to pay for this important event.

Who is Tom Cori?

Tom Cori sits on the Board of Trustees of the Edward Mallinckrodt, Jr. Foundation and they are involved in embryonic stem cell research. Mallinckrodt is a private foundation that funds basic biomedical research in St Louis and throughout the United States.

Embryonic stem cells, as their name suggests, are derived from embryos. Most embryonic stem cells are derived from embryos that develop from eggs that have been fertilized in vitro—in an in vitro fertilization clinic—and then donated for research purposes with informed consent of the donors.

The mission of the Foundation is to support early stage investigators engaged in biomedical research that has the potential to significantly advance the understanding, diagnosis, or treatment of disease.

An article in the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Human Embryo Research is Illegal, Immoral and Unnecessary, stands against stem cell research, as do many other Christian denominations. As stated in the article, “This proposal is immoral because it violates a central tenet of all civilized codes on human experimentation beginning with the Nuremberg Code: It approves doing deadly harm to a member of the human species solely for the sake of potential benefit to others.” Tom Cori’s mother was Jewish, yet he apparently approves of this immoral activity.

Carnegie Foundation and the Coris

There were five major industrialists who financed socialist and terrorist causes, and one of them was Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate and British Chartist. The Carnegie Institute for Science was founded in 1895 by Pilgrims Society member, Andrew Carnegie.

It is this latter Institute for Science which is of interest. Why? Because Tom Cori, husband of Anne Cori, is a Trustee. If you scroll to page 21 in the Carnegie Institute website, you will see Tom and Anne Cori listed as individuals who have made lifetime contributions of between $100,000 and $999,999.

Both Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundation monies went to promote John Dewey, Marxism, a One-World-Government agenda, and Socialism. The foundations (principally the Rockefeller and Carnegie) stimulated two-thirds of the total endowment funding of all institutions of higher learning in America during the first third of the 20th century. If you love common core, you’ll love Carnegie, their destruction of American education is legend.

One of the greatest tricks perpetrated on the public has been turning the robber barons /elites into philanthropists. This was established mainly by media where they convinced the public that they had given up their power in the interests of society and gave their money to foundations and philanthropic organizations. They haven’t faded away; they exercise their power and control, using their wealth and tax exempt status to advance the elite’s agenda for complete global domination.
Tom and Anne Cori are funding them!

They are the very KINGMAKERS whom Phillis identified in her classic book, A Choice, Not an Echo.

Eagle Council Memorial

The memorial for Phyllis at Eagle Council was held Saturday morning. There were a number of speakers, including her sons. Roger told a great story about his childhood and how he was always testing his mother’s limits. They were crossing the street and Phyllis told him to stay within the crosswalk. Roger responded that he’d still be dead if a car hit him inside or outside of the crosswalk. Phyllis, always quick with a response said, “But we’d have a better lawsuit if you’re within the crosswalk.”

Another speaker was Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert, who was a Cruz supporter and has never endorsed Mr. Trump. However, he has stated he will vote for Trump to keep Hillary out of the White House. I was standing in the back of the pavilion and watched as Gohmert came down the side aisle on his way out. Ms. Cori was sitting alone in the very back, and she and Gohmert embraced and spoke for a good while, birds of a feather I imagined.


One has to wonder if Tom Cori, corporate raider for Sigma-Aldrich, has been advising his wife how to destroy her mother’s conservative organization. Ms. Cori’s stances are anathema to Phyllis’s Eagle Forum policies. Phyllis was pro-life, pro-family, pro-academic education, and pro-Constitution. Tom and Anne Cori stand in total opposition to these policies.

Apparently the other five women on the board, along with a few followers, are in agreement with Cori’s policies and also support Ted Cruz, who has finally endorsed Donald J. Trump for president, albeit too late to redeem his stature after his Convention speech.

Anne Cori’s actions are those of a daughter who detests her own mother, and wishes to destroy her legacy. The monies given to Eagle Forum by members is being wasted on these hostile lawsuits. Even at 92, Phyllis handled them as she handled her adversaries, without letting them ruin her day.

Anne Cori, and the women from Eagle Forum who stand with her, should resign as Phyllis asked them all to do, and this includes those in my state of Tennessee, as well as the ones in California. Their treatment of Eagle Forum’s founder is dishonorable and contemptible.

The Lord promised each of us three score and ten in Psalm 90:10. God blessed both Phyllis and us with an extra 22 years of her brilliance. Thanks be to God!

Eagle Forum stands as a bastion of conservative light in an America who desperately needs their leadership and policies to continue. President Ed Martin, Phyllis’s loyal Eagles, and her sons, are well equipped to carry on her legacy.

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