Three vital considerations for Trump’s VP choice

Three vital considerations for Trump’s VP choice

Surround yourself with smart, dedicated people – to build something isn’t a one-man show. It’s more important to have smart people who really believe in what you’re doing than really experienced people who may not share your dream. —Niklas Zennstrom

Three Requirements for Vice President

Several names of Trump’s Vice Presidential candidates have surfaced in the last few weeks. All most likely have been promoted by the MSM, talking heads, and insiders who believe they can sway public opinion with names who are not even in the running. There is so much disinformation that it’s difficult to decipher truth from fiction. Trump has said himself that he would not choose/disclose his VP candidate until right before the convention. We need to look at the VP choice with as much emphasis on their policies as we place on Mr. Trump’s.

• Donald Trump must choose a Vice President who will follow Trump’s policies, especially the most important principles Trump has set forth. This includes the wall on the southern border, healthcare reform, U.S.-China Trade reform, Veterans Administration reforms, tax reform, Second Amendment rights, and big time immigration reform. It also includes the sustainability of our western culture.

Mr. Trump needs to have a Vice President who, like him, is feared for not being a globalist traitor to America. This alone could protect Mr. Trump from winding up like Garfield, McKinley, Lincoln and Kennedy. Should anything happen to the President, his vice-president will carry on with the same plans.

• Who can Mr. Trump choose who could help him with carrying swing states? Or is that really important if he chooses someone the grassroots folks also admire? And, is this even a necessary consideration?

A recent Washington Examiner article stated that former Texas Governor, Rick Perry, predicted a 37 state victory for Donald J. Trump. Perry also said he doubts Trump will select a running mate simply to carry swing states like Ohio or Florida in November because the billionaire is capable of “carrying states himself.”

There you have it; another reason we’d love to see Senator Jeff Sessions as Mr. Trump’s Vice President. His policies on trade and immigration echo Trump’s.

• Who can mend the party who is a true Constitutional conservative, not a globalist, and bring the party together? We know the establishment wants an Eastern liberal republican like Romney or Ryan. Other than Sen. Sessions, I cannot think of one politician, but there are military men who could also fit the bill perfectly.

There are some extremely admirable retired military men, who would make excellent vice presidents. The veterans, and especially disabled veterans, would love to see a military man in the second slot with Donald J. Trump.

Veterans for Vice President

When I spoke with Roger Stone a while back, I asked him if Mr. Trump would choose a businessman or a politician for Vice President. Stone mentioned a third avenue, someone from the military with foreign policy experience.

There are many great military veterans, but two I know of…both of whom would fit the bill. One is Michael T. Flynn. Flynn is a retired United States Army lieutenant general who served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, and chair of the Military Intelligence Board from July 24, 2012, to August 2, 2014.

Several retired military veterans have suggested Mr. Flynn would be a wonderful choice should Mr. Trump choose from our military.

The other gentleman I believe would make a stupendous Vice President, is a terrific Viet Nam veteran who I’ve come to know in just a few months. Because I lost two high school beaus in Nam, their names are on the wall, I’m particularly fond of gentlemen who fought is this terrible war. Allen B. Clark graduated in 1963, at age 20, from West Point as the youngest man in his class of 504 cadets. He was one of two cadets in his West Point class to have received the award as “Outstanding Debater” in class.

Subsequent service in Vietnam assigned to the Army Special Forces (the Green Berets) in covert operations found him on June 17, 1967 at Dak To camp in the Central Highlands where a mortar attack in the early morning hours caught him in the open. For his actions that morning he was awarded the Silver Star, America’s third highest decoration for valor. His shrapnel wounds caused amputation of both his legs below the knees. As if this was not enough of a wound, he also suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that hospitalized him in a closed psychiatric ward for fourteen weeks in 1968, and that began his war after his war. He received a Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He is airborne-qualified. He personally presents many speeches on his war and healing experiences.

But that story doesn’t tell you all of the real Allen B. Clark. He is a man who strongly supports Donald J. Trump, who has worked in and been active all his life in politics, a man who is upholding the Constitution, a man who has helped so many other veterans who returned home with PTSD, a man who has written many books about surviving, and a man who is the epitome of courage so many disabled veterans show. Allen and his wife live in Texas, and his first book was, Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior.

There are great men of valor and promise who have survived through devastating tragedies, and come out on the other side as men who should lead. Allen B. Clark is one of them, and another great leader is Michael T. Flynn.

Both have the experience Mr. Trump can use, and today’s veterans and disabled warriors would love to see one of their own help Mr. Trump in Making America Great Again! I know there are plenty of others that Mr. Trump could choose from.


The MSM, pundits, insiders, etc. are all speculating who will be Mr. Trump’s Vice President. Names have been bandied about. Articles have been written telling us who is on the short list. Grassroots folks get upset and nervous because they listen to this nonsense. Roger Stone has made it clear that Mr. Trump is keeping this close to his vest until the convention. So please ignore the yada, yada, yada squawking of the media who just need something negative about Trump to parrot. It’s not worth our time, and certainly by now we know Mr. Trump is far ahead of the rest of us.

As for the people the Trump campaign is hiring…once again I must tell you that we have to trust Trump. He’s the man who has made $10 billion and worked all his life in New York City, so stop with the worry.

And for heaven’s sake, forget who he’s invited to meet with, it’s nothing more than a courtesy call. Get over it! These meetings mean nothing, but they do help grease the skids for his nomination…and we need him as our 45th President!

Again, Roger Stone has it right when he says the following:

Donald Trump knows Wall Street will play both sides – why shouldn’t he take their money to beat Hillary?

They are going to find out you can’t co-opt Donald Trump – he’s his own man with his own nationalist views.

He can’t be bought. He can’t be bullied.
No one cons Donald Trump. He knows the elites, but knows their policies have destroyed the country.

He’s a master. He’s using them – they aren’t using him.

Donald Trump is not only selling hope, but he has plans already in place for making America Great Again. So please be confident that he knows exactly what he is doing and why he’s doing it. This is a great man, a brilliant man, someone who plans way ahead. America needs him, and so do all of us in the dwindling middle class. So sit back, relax, and watch this brilliant man work.

[P.S. In order to help Mr. Trump we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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