The most important election in US history – national and local Pt. 1

The most important election in US history – national and local Pt. 1

GRANTS PASS , OREGON. —Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 will be the most important Election Day in the history of the United States of America both nationally and locally. I say this because people have to understand that our very existence as a republic, our way of life, and safety is at stake in this make or break election cycle. To understand local elections we have to first look at national elections and how they influence local elections as well.

Our God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are under extreme attack as many have seen in recent headlines. This unique opportunity in history will not present itself ever again if the public fails to do their duty as an American citizen in this upcoming election. Moreover, the minorities in this country have to look at history and stop voting democratic, because historically the Democratic Party has been their oppressors, giving nothing but taking their vote as a tool for eventual conquest of the US. The west has to fall in order for world government to be realized.

Additionally, our faith as a Christian nation is under attack as the enemies of Christianity around the world are invited here unvetted and carrying disease to this country with the blessings of the globalist minions running Washington DC. Obama is bringing in more refugees (male, military aged, warriors) to America than Europe has received.

Additionally, Obama and Hillary are co founders of ISIS which was born out of Al-Qaida another terrorist organization created by the western intelligence services. They were and are funded, supported, and were given weapons by the State Dept. when Hillary was there. This is high treason.

We’ve also seen what is happening in Europe (see shocking video below) EU with rapes, murders, and crime going berserk as the populations clamored for help and understanding why their leaders would do this to their cultures and livelihood. This is pure globalism, all of which is destined to come here (in some cases has already arrived) at the local level unless we remove the puppets that the globalists have installed in our country using your numerous collective votes. It is already admitted that Islam is being used to bring down the west. Hillary wants to increase the Muslim immigration into United States by 550%. Trump is right, Hillary is America’s Angela Merkel. This is what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see and know.

Millions of votes are what will turn the tide on this globalist take over both nationally and locally. The tide has already started to turn with the Brexit vote and if Donald Trump gets in, it will be a death blow to their long awaited plans for world domination and control.

The EU domino has been pushed and other countries will follow as the globalist operated EU slowly disintegrates. This has the globalist in panic mode and now anything can happen to protect their long term plans.

This is without exaggeration 1776 all over again but this time it has a high-tech twist.

First, television, and social media, has been indoctrinating the minds and occupying the precious time of those who participate in the discourse of political correctness and social justice with socialistic/Marxist ideologies, all the while the globalists build profiles on all who participate as the populations are alienating themselves from real human interaction with their smart phones, IPods, and IPads. This is all beneficial to the globalist (like Soros and Hillary) to keep us separated and infighting with race riots and cop killings all over social media and news.

Second, to keep the sheeple moving in one direction the churches have been using Clergy Response Teams (28,000+ pastors) formed by DHS and FEMA to brainwash the congregations into going along with the globalist sinister plans or they are told they are in defiance of God using Romans:13 out of context. Fortunately, this is now having a reverse effect on many congregations as they leave their churches for one’s that are not 501C3 government run. There are several churches in Josephine County that have these Clergy Response Teams but more on that later in part two and three.

Third, controlled media are propping up candidates who are globalist minions despite the fact they are unqualified aliens or unfit to hold office and cannot even get two hundred people to show up to their events as is the case of Hillary Clinton.

She recently rented a huge hangar for a rally that would hold five thousand people and about 175 showed up. The controlled media put out pictures that were photo-shopped to give the appearance of big crowds while using narrow camera views in video reporting, but in reality she has no substantial following.

Jeb Bush and Clinton were and are using rent a crowd for their rallies to deceive the public and media. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The Clintons are enemies of the US and have been since the inception of their political careers.

This video link should go viral; it is the premier of the movie Clinton Cash. This is a free must see video for consideration before any person votes. This is our political climate both nationally and locally with local politicians engaged in the same kind of criminal fraud and anti- American policies.

Additionally, Clinton’s health is now failing and according to several reputable doctors that have observed several videos of her actions say she may have a tumor or Parkinson’s or both as a result of a blow to the head in 2012 which caused a blood clot and a concussion which would explain her strange behavior she has exhibited lately.

Hillary has a doctor following her around every where she goes with a Diazepam auto-injector pen when she starts to have seizures. See “NYT Tech Columnist Calls on GOOGLE to Hide Hillary’s Medical Info.”

Her medical records are now being requested by many different groups including Dr. Ben Carson. The presstitutes in managed media ignore these obvious facts and continue to promote her anyway as if all is good. Consequently, lame stream media will go down with the titanic as they are told.

On the other hand, Trump and Sanders are getting between five and twenty thousand people at their rallies but are continually, lied about, belittled, marginalized, and ridiculed by the presstitutes while they skew the numbers on fake polls showing Hillary ahead by ten points when they canvassed a majority of democrats and a minority of republicans. What else can we expect from a traitorous deceptive media?

Clearly one needs to turn off the television and get involved live and in person at your local elections where everything really matters the most. This is where the real battle will be fought from the grass roots up.


A disturbing trend in politics is Bernie Sanders openly running as a socialist or so the public thinks, but does the American public understand the implications of real socialism? Bernie Sanders by the way is not a socialist but rather a social democrat, big difference but he has now jumped the democratic ship.

“The debate over Senator Sanders’ socialism is rich with paradoxes. Senator Sanders is not a proponent of socialism, and that is a good thing, for true socialism, whenever and wherever it has been tried, ended in disaster.”

Unfortunately, the American public have been fooled into thinking socialism is a trendy alternative to the phony left-right paradigm. As Mark Twain once said, “it is easier to fool the public then it is to convince them they have been fooled”. The public is told socialism is all about equality and social justice when in actuality it is more about control and inequality which divides people into two classes, the haves, and have nots.

When you take from the rich and give to the poor you end up with everyone poor, no middle class, and a few elite rich who control the poor masses. The middle class are what built this country and provided jobs and bought homes and cars thereby spurring economic growth. Socialism is not a story of Robin Hood. “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery” —Winston Churchill

If you have voted on rare occasions or never voted in your life this would be the one time in history to get started and get others involved both nationally and especially locally. They can try to steal the elections as Hillary has done to Bernie Sanders which was recently revealed in the DNC emails made public by Wikileaks through Seth Rich the DNC staffer who was murdered, shot four times in the back for his role. However, if the public shows up to this election in massive numbers with 80%+ turnout the elections will be very hard to steal from Donald Trump or any local elections with such a landslide turnout. Trump is asking for everyone’s help in this obviously rigged election as he fights the lying media and Hillary.

The only way to undo what the globalist have put in place is to start at the local level and work our way back up to the state level, then the collective states work back up to the national level and peacefully retake our government from the clutches of the satanic globalists.

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