Solomon Yue, the rules committee and the Trump nomination

Solomon Yue, the rules committee and the Trump nomination

“Do actions agree with words? There’s your measure of reliability. Never confine yourself to the words.” — Frank Herbert

“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.” — Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

Donald J. Trump is all too aware of the underhanded tactics of the GOP establishment (GOPe). It is why he hired the best man to help him with delegates and rule changes at the RNC Convention. That man is Mr. Paul Manafort, and he is already aware of the various dishonest shenanigans by the GOPe in several states. He will level the path to Mr. Trump’s nomination at the Cleveland Convention in July.

A Look at Oregon

Oregon Trump supporters have a convoluted and menacing problem within the GOPe. There are any number of players, but for the purpose of brevity, we’ll concentrate on only one in this article.

The one to worry about is Solomon Yue. Yue may be one of the Cruz delegate organizers, and he may well be the one who will do all he can to hurt Trump. Yue, like Cruz, is itching to make trouble at the convention. It even looks as though he’d like Trump to lose, in the hopes that Cruz can run and win in 2020.

Perhaps Mr. Soloman Yue lives by the above quote from Machiavelli, and deception is the key. Oregon’s Trump supporters are very concerned about Yue’s alliances.

Who is Solomon Yue?

Yue is involved in a number of organizations, but the few we’re concerned about include his membership in the Republican National Committee’s Standing Committee on Rules, and his membership as the National committeeman for Oregon’s Republican Party for the last 16 years. In 2013, Mr. Yue assumed the role of Founder, Vice Chairman and CEO of Republicans Overseas, representing and influencing a large percentage of the 8.7 million U.S. citizens abroad. Some inside sources feel Yue is independently funded by several Super Pac schemes and by Chinese Communist sponsors.

Yue’s bio reads that he’s an escapee from Chinese communism, and now a virulent anti-communist and Constitutional conservative. Inside sources in Oregon believe Yue wears a conservative mask that belies his true agenda.

Yue Immigrates to U.S.

Solomon Yue says his grandfather met Democrat Glenn Olds, then president of Alaska Pacific University, at an international Methodist conference, and asked him to assist his 16-year-old grandson, Solomon, in Shanghai, to immigrate. Olds was a consultant to President John F. Kennedy on the creation of social programs, including the Peace Corps, and the formation of Vista, Volunteers in Service to America. Olds was a devout globalist. He was appointed to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and he was also the Chair of the World Federalist Association Board of Directors. [Link]

Professor Olds was also very much in favor of Communist China joining the United Nations. [Link]

The Rules Committee

Solomon Yue has been regarded as one of the driving forces bringing change to the Republican National Committee (RNC). He sits on the committee that could rewrite the rules for the party’s nominating convention for president and vice president from July 16th through 18th in Cleveland, Ohio. There are 112 members of the RNC Rules Committee, and Yue is among the top 20 most senior members.

Yue wants the RNC’s rules committee to recommend that the convention adopt different rules for how the process works. As it stands, the convention will be operated under the same rules that the House of Representatives works under. Accordingly, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the house, will be in charge and wielding the gavel with absolute power. Believe me, this is not my idea of a great situation either, however, this will mean no funny business and no filibusters.

In April of 2016, Solomon Yue proposed rule changes for the Convention. [Link] He proposed replacing the complicated Republican rules book — based on the rules of the U.S. House — with Roberts Rules of Order. Yue clashed with RNC head, Reince Preibus, on this proposal. A GOP rules committee meeting in Florida rejected Yue’s proposal on a voice vote. [Link] Yue knows what he wants and why he wants it, and it’s certainly NOT to protect Mr. Trump’s nomination on the first ballot.

What Yue and a sizable number of committee members would like, is decentralized power with many opportunities for delegates to block the process.

Since Mr. Trump’s hiring of the brilliantly capable, Paul Manafort, it seems that it is the Cruz delegation who has the most to lose under a heavy speaker’s gavel. Now Cruz faces the very strong possibility of an establishment yielding to Trump, and slamming the door on the first ballot without Cruz never getting to stage a floor fight.

Trump has his 1237 delegates, and more, but many of the delegates and their preferences are in dispute, especially because of state GOPe involvement in Trump’s delegates. Under Yue’s desired rule changes, Cruz’s team would hope to be able to disqualify some delegates or even unbind some that don’t have autonomy on the first ballot. A powerful parliamentary officer can shut down procedural tactics, calls for further debate, or the re-visitation of credentials or rules. Ryan, however, could hammer closed the selection process on round one, and send furious Cruz backers out into the northern Ohio night.

Saul Anuzis, Solomon Yue, and Ted Cruz

Saul Anuzis, who is tight with Muslim loving CFR and CNP member, Grover Norquist, was also Cruz’s Hezbollah loving Michigan campaign chief. Anuzis has a long record of reaching out to Hezbollah’s American agents and supporters. As Chair of the Michigan Repubs, Anuzis made it a point to pander to Shi’ite Muslims in Dearbornistan who were and are open supporters of Hezbollah. In an article by Debbie Schlussel, she states, “Saul Anuzis ran for Chairman of the Republican National Committee, a position which he lost to Reince Priebus, (even though Tea Party Nation backed Anuzis). But when he was running, my previous articles about Saul Anuzis and his Hezbollah-pandering on this site (including here, and here, and here,) came back to bite him.”

According to Breitbart, Cruz instructed his operatives to build up a bloc of votes to dominate both the party’s Rules Committee and the writing of the platform, said Saul Anuzis, a senior advisor to the Cruz campaign. The article also stated,

The former manager of Cruz’s Michigan campaign said the campaign is still organized, with state chairmen and coordinators in each congressional district, and the campaign is developing its whip system for the convention.

In addition to the 559 delegates already bound to Cruz, Anuzis said he is confident the Cruz bloc will reach up to 700 delegates at the convention in Cleveland. “They are conservatives and they care about the same issues that Ted Cruz cares about,” he said. More than 300 delegates have not yet been designated.

Anuzis and Yue are well acquainted with each other, both traveling in the same circles and on many of the same committees. Their goals are the same, both working for a disruptive convention, Yue with rules changes at the last minute, and Anuzis hoping Yue succeeds so Cruz has a chance at stopping the first ballot for Trump.


The machinations behind the scenes in the GOPe are so complex and twisted, that even skimming the surface of their schemes is overwhelming. As I stated in the beginning of this article, I concentrated only on one individual, Solomon Yue, so that people understand that it’s not over until the fat lady sings, and Donald J. Trump has the GOP nomination for President of the United States.

Paul Manafort is in charge of overseeing this entire process. He was directly hired by Mr. Trump, because Trump hires only the best, and I have complete faith in the man and his abilities. Mr. Manafort knows the will of the American people, and his job is to put our choice in our White House for the next 8 years. As such, we must keep all of them in our prayers.

[P.S. In order to help Mr. Trump we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage, etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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