Smart Meters Opt-Out Accelerating In Josephine County

Smart Meters Opt-Out Accelerating In Josephine County

The roll out of so-called ‘smart’ meters is causing quite a stir in Southern Oregon.

The so-called ‘smart’ meter that is neither smart nor does it save energy. It has been a scam from day one and I should know. It was my complaint filed back in 2011 that started the war here in Texas. We lost. The big newspapers in mega-urban areas like Ft. Worth/Dallas, Houston and Austin simply brushed off thousands of us referring to our petitioners as nothing but conspiracy nuts.

The courts shot us down and sided with the political animals at the PUC – Commissioners all appointed by former Governor Ricky Perry. We raised about $80,000 in donations but decided it would be wasted money to appeal to the Texas Supreme Court. The fix was in.

In the document below, it states about 3% of Californians suffer from EMF sensitivity. When you consider California’s population is 37.7 million people, you’re talking over a million people.


Page 5:

“A. The Commission Has Long Acknowledged And Acted Upon Public Concerns About The Health Impacts Of EMF But Never Found the Utilities’ Wireless Mesh Networks or SmartMeters To Be Safe.

“The SmartMeter program has generated unprecedented public concern about the health impacts of the planned deployment of millions of devices which will expose Californians to a cumulatively immeasurable amount of pulsed electro-magnetic and RF signals. Scores of witnesses have come forth to describe their personal concerns about the program’s effect on their own health and decry this development in formal filings and public hearings before the Commission. As set forth below, the concern over the health impacts of EMF is not new or unique to the SmartMeter program. In fact, it has been a documented public health concern known to the Commission for decades.

Page 20:

“The Commission has received public testimony and formal pleadings during Phase 1 of this proceeding demonstrating that Utility customers suffer significant impairment of one or more of their major life functions due to EMF sensitivity, including seizures, episodic malignant hypertension, heart arrhythmias, severe insomnia, intractable tinnitus, muscle spasms and twitching, migraine headaches, and neuropathy. Hence, individuals with significant or recurrent EMF-induced or exacerbated symptoms qualify for reasonable accommodation under the ADA, when EMF exposure of such individuals interferes with major life functions, such as neurologic function or other major life functions.”

“That is why we refuse an opt out. Safe? If they’re not safe for people under the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), why would they be considered safe for the rest of us?”

Got one of those ‘smart’ meters on the outside of your house next to the window of your baby, child or your bedroom? Maybe you’ll get lucky and your house doesn’t catch on fire.

This is an issue that cannot be explained in one or two pages. I’m providing the links below for you to read and study. I didn’t write them because I have nothing else to do but because they contain the TRUTH, not conspiracy theories. They will give you the big picture and other links to deeper scientific analysis and data. At the bottom of each column are critically important links. If anyone thinks all this wonderful technology like ‘wi-fi’ is so great, they are dead wrong. Schools and hotels are a breeding grounds for the harmful effects. No? Then you better spend some time on the research.

Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS: Those meters are deadly to your health, your pets, livestock and our environment. The energy companies are also violating your Fourth Amendment rights; see below for more on that as well as NEW important information – time sensitive.

My fight against the ‘smart meter’ – Aug 15, 2011
(You don’t want one of those dangerous things on your house)

‘Smart meters’ – The New Silent Killer, Sept. 2, 2011

‘Smart’ Meter That Does NOT Save Energy – Sept 24, 2011

Update: My Fight Against the ‘Smart’ Meter, Jan. 24, 2012

My statement to the Texas Public Utility Commission, Aug. 25, 2012

‘Smart’ Meter Opt Out for Texas: Unacceptable, Dec 25, 2012

Tri-fold flyer to hand out to everyone you know. Help spread the truth.

New items posted 9.9.2011

What’s going on now?

How Your Constitutional Right to Privacy Just Became a “Privilege” in the Eyes of Courts, August 2018 – On August 16, 2018, your 4th Amendment right to privacy in your home just became a “privilege.” This is a must read.

Kentucky regulators reject smart meter plans, Sept. 4, 2018

Within months after homeowners here in Texas were forced against their will to have a ‘smart’ meter attached to their home, they saw their monthly bill go from ranges of $100 – $150 to a whopping $700 per month or more. It was a mess.

5000 Utility Customers in Maine Join Class Action Lawsuit Claiming They Were Overbilled. 2017 Dutch Research Determined “Smart” Meters Inflate Bills 30% to 582%, July 20, 2018

Electronic energy meters’ false readings almost six times higher than actual energy consumption

“Smart” Meters: Recalls, Replacements, Fires, Explosions, General Failure, Measurement Errors, Privacy Concerns, Cybersecurity Risks, and Sick People, Dec. 5, 2017

News Reports Confirm That Utility “Smart” Meters Lead to Appliances Behaving Badly, Fires, and Explosions, July 11, 2018

Watch the official film “Take Back Your Power 2017” for free, and get the cold, hard truth about smart meters – EVERY state rep and senator should be required to watch that film. YOU can make it happen.

On July 20, 2018, I was a guest on Bill Meyer’s show on KMED/KCMD out of Oregon. I really enjoy being a guest (as I have over 4,000 times since 1993 – yes, back in the 90s I was sometimes doing 2-3 shows a day on the ‘Fed’) on talk radio with an informed, articulate host like Bill.

As a result of my appearance and discussing the issue of ‘smart’ meters, it’s my understanding hundreds of people have chosen to ‘opt out’ of the ‘smart’ meter installation drive in Josephine and Jackson Counties, Oregon. AND, because the people put up such a fight, the extortion called an opt out fee of $160.00 has been dropped, but you still have to pay a monthly fee for a meter reader.

Citizens are forming groups to fight this intrusion into their privacy and the real, scientifically proven threat to their health, the environment and even your pets.

The only way we’re going to get rid of ‘smart’ meters is when enough state legislators get informed and realize not only are those meters dangerous to them and their families, government agencies are using them to snoop on your business inside your home. In too many states, energy companies are allowed to sell your data.

They are also a gold mine for thieves who can pick up data from the ‘smart’ meter, monitor your home and find out if you’ve gone on vacation and if you’re a single or elderly woman, you are a perfect target for rape and murder.

What now remains to be seen if is the Oregon State Legislature wakes up and acts before millions are installed on homes, apartment and commercial buildings including hospitals.  Pacific Power Opt-out telephone number hotline in Portland is, 1-866-869-8520.

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