President Donald J. Trump and the false charge of racism

President Donald J. Trump and the false charge of racism

Racism – the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races…prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Ah yes, racism, the word we’ve come to hear too many times since 2008. Everyone who didn’t love, adore, and worship Barack Hussein Obama was a racist. Now that Donald J. Trump has dethroned the sniveling drooling leftist socialists and put Hillary out to pasture (God willing), the racist caterwauling against Trump has again escalated. The Southern Poverty Law Center has falsely promoted that the KKK is involved with the Trump administration, and the slandering counterfeit New York Times repeats this deceitfulness. The millennials, who never do any research, actually believe this kaka, as do others who listen only to main stream media.

Trump is No Racist, he never has been, and never will be. I have written about it over and over again. He wants all Americans to succeed, and he’s proven it. But first I want to tell you about my dear sweet friend, Cathy.

Long Time Friends

Forty-five years ago, I lived in western Illinois with my former husband. Across the street was my friend Cathy. Even though we moved away, we remained close friends and always sisters in Christ. Cathy has four wonderfully accomplished children, and ten years ago, her beloved husband passed into glory. My dear friend happens to be a black gal.

Cathy comes for visits from time to time and hopefully will be visiting again this spring, but in our last conversation she brought up a subject that needs to be discussed, the election, and racism.

I remember her telling me of their family visits to the deep south years ago, and one particular story she told me stuck in my mind. She said they were in a meat market, and the young white employee swept sawdust over their shoes while they waited for their order. They said nothing, because to do so would cause more problems.

Growing up with black skin shouldn’t be any different than growing up with white skin, but because of the past, our black brothers and sisters always have their antennae up for those whose bigotry can be sensed. They are attuned naturally to that wave length.

Steve Bannon

Cathy was concerned that Trump’s administration may be racist to some degree because the leftist media, New York Times, Washington Post, Daily Kos, Business Insider, etc., have alleged that Steve Bannon once told a colleague that only property owners should vote. Of course, my friend felt that if this should happen, poor blacks would never have a say in the elections, and that this held racial overtones. There is no documentation that Bannon ever said this. The Supreme Court actually ruled in the 1964 case, NYTs vs. Sullivan, that the media can lie with impunity, and that it’s a first amendment right.

There is, however, incontrovertible fact that Bannon has stated that race-based nationalism has “no future” in America, and that Trump must condemn racism and hatred in any and all forms, which Trump has done throughout his life. Those are not the words of a racist.

Andrew Breitbart anticipated the kind of attacks that Steve, and anyone else who is effective at opposing the left, would face. In his book Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World, Andrew noted that the “Democrat-media complex” would tarnish any conservative with “made-up closet KKK status.”

While being targeted is a badge of honor for Steve, lies are lies, and they deserved to be called what they are. [Link]

Originally, Only Landowners Voted

Originally, early American voters were required to be land owners, and there was a good reason for it: because those without property will always vote away the property of other people unto themselves, and that’s the beginning of the end. [Link]

On the October 21, 2008 broadcast of The War Room with Quinn & Rose, Quinn stated the following, which makes absolutely perfect sense as to why this was the law.

Now, given that poorer citizens always outnumber the rich, political philosophers have long worried that government based on majority rule could lead to organized theft from the wealthy by the democratic masses. Aristotle stated, “If the majority distributes among itself the things of a minority, it is evident that it will destroy the city.”

The Founders of the United States shared Aristotle’s worry. Up through their time, history had shown that all democracies – “all democracies” — as James Madison put it, are “incompatible with personal security or the rights of property.” That’s why we have a republic and not a democracy. Madison and others therefore made it a “first object of government,” to protect personal property from unjust confiscation.

Now, you see what happened with Kelo versus New London, and the confiscation of one American’s property to give it to another private American based on the notion that the government making that decision will get more tax money from the second American than from the first.

This is one of the reasons why, in the original Constitution of the United States, it was only people who were landowners — property owners were the ones who were allowed to vote. You couldn’t vote unless you owned property. Now — I mean, I can hear the appeal to the masses: “It’s not fair, it’s not the American way that you don’t get to vote,” but let me ask you a question: If I don’t own anything, what kind of a problem do I have with voting for a measure — a tax, a law — that takes somebody else’s property and gives it to me? I have no stake in personal property ownership ’cause I don’t have any.

Back in the day, when this was the law of the land, anybody who wanted to vote needed to step up to the plate, achieve, get a stake in America, and then vote. I know you think this is anti-democratic. Well, actually it is anti-democratic because you don’t want a democracy. Democracy is mob rule. You want a republic. Originally, if you didn’t own land, you didn’t vote, and there was a good reason for it: because those without property will always vote away the property of other people unto themselves, and that’s the beginning of the end. But, oh no, that was — that was just too mean-spirited.

Given that one of the causes of the American Revolution was an unjust tax, the founders understood very well that taxation could become a way for one group to prey on another group. So, while the Constitution empowered the federal government to levy taxes, it limited this power mostly to indirect taxes such as tariffs, duties, and excise taxes. For much of American history, the federal government subsisted solely on those taxes.

This election policy did not mean that some people would never have the opportunity to vote in their lifetime. In fact, it provided another encouragement in regards to working hard, succeeding, and reaching the upper echelon of society. Self-reliance, personal responsibility, and the financial success that would accompany such an ethic, in other words, would also result in the benefit of being able to vote.

As time passed, the cry for adhering to the “will of the people,” which apparently means “all people,” turned the tide, and eventually voting rights became the norm for all persons that had reached the minimum age requirement. Voting rights for all would be fine if the electorate ensured they remained properly informed, considered all of the issues, and the politicians did not try to take advantage of those that really have no stake in the election. However, as human nature dictates, the propertyless have demanded gifts from the treasury in exchange for their vote, and the politicians have been more than happy to acquiesce. What we have as a result is a permanent voting block that cares less about the issues, and votes based on who will continue to issue them government checks, food stamps, free health care, and anything else they can get from the government, or as a woman in Detroit, Michigan put it, “Obama’s stash.”

It is Trump’s goal to make America’s citizens prosperous, and that means all citizens. And no, we’ll probably never go back to only landowners voting, but with Trump, there will be more American citizens as landowners, with more of an interest in the politics that would affect them.

Make America Great Again

Over and over again during the campaign, Trump has stated that the black community needs jobs, that illegal alien immigration needs to stop, that trade deals are destroying our jobs, and especially jobs for middle Americans, both black and white. The cry of racism against Trump was never a factor until he decided to run as a Republican for the office of President of the United States of America.

“More than anyone else in the Republican field, Trump understands the impact of illegal, cheap labor on the Black unemployment rate,” writes Raynard Jackson, the founder of a D.C.-based political consulting firm. “On this issue, he is more in tune with the grassroots in the Black community than Obama, the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the Congressional Black Caucus—go figure.” This cheap labor will also exacerbate the Black unemployment rate, which is the highest of any group in the country, Jackson adds.

Trump’s Love of All Americans

Trump wants all Americans to succeed, and he truly means all Americans. He has fought discrimination, and given a helping hand to so very many throughout his entire life.

• Trump sheltered black singer, Jennifer Hudson, rent-free after her family was murdered. [Link]
• Trump sued the City of Palm Beach over 30 years ago, when he bought a segregated club, Mar-A-Lago, to open it to Jews and blacks. Mr. Trump filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Palm Beach, alleging that the town was discriminating against Mar-a-Lago, in part because it is open to Jews and African-Americans. [Link]
• Donald Trump showed his true character with Dr. Ben Carson during one of the campaign debates, and Dr. Carson has never forgotten it.
• Donald Trump paid to ensure a Mexican American boy would graduate from college when he saw a news story about his terminally ill mother. [Link]
• Donald Trump sent $10 K to a hero black bus driver, Darnell Barton, after seeing a news story about how he saved a woman from jumping off a bridge. [Link]
• Lynne Patton has been a member of the Donald Trump circle since 2009. She is the vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation and also a senior assistant to Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump. Lynne even narrated a YouTube video called “The Trump Family I Know – A Black Female Trump Executive Speaks Out,” in which she defended the Trump family against accusations that Donald Trump is racist.

“The Trump family that I know is, without question, one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and the honor to call friends,” Patton says in the March video. “They have been incredibly loyal to me and to the countless dedicated people they employ around the world – hiring more minority and female executives than any other company for which I’ve ever worked.”

According to her bio on the Eric Trump Foundation website, Patton is responsible for planning all of the Eric Trump Foundation’s fundraising events. She also helps the foundation’s relationship with St. Jude’s Research Hospital as senior assistant to Donald Trump’s three oldest children.


I called friend and fellow NewsWithViews writer, Lloyd Marcus, because Lloyd is a black man, and he may have had a different take on my friend’s comments, and I wanted his opinion. We both came to the same conclusion however, as I’ve stated above.

How I wish there were honest American media, because then my friend would never have even considered a thought of racism with a statement that hasn’t even been proven as fact. I highly doubt that she knows of the 1964 Supreme Court decision in NYTs vs. Sullivan, where the media is allowed to lie with impunity about public figures.

President Trump is no racist, and neither are those in his administration. Should anyone show any inclination towards that, our new President has no problem saying, “You’re fired.”

[P.S. In order to wake up the population, we need to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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