Plan to sabotage Trump at the RNC rules committee Pt. 3

Plan to sabotage Trump at the RNC rules committee Pt. 3

I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. —Thomas Paine

There are three people heading up the RNC and Trump campaign in Nevada. It appears as though these three were in cahoots to sabotage the Trump campaign in that state. Let’s take a closer look.

Nevada Shenanigans

In Part 2 of this article, we discussed Bruce Ash, and Linda Brickman, members of the RNC Rules Committee from Arizona. Both Arizona and Nevada are headed by Trump campaign manager, Charles Munoz.

In Nevada, Jordan Ross is one of the two Rules Committee members. Diana Orrock is the other Rules Committee member and has always been a Trump supporter.

State Campaign Manager Charles Munoz, Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, Michael McDonald, and Jordan Ross worked closely together. According to Trump campaign volunteers, these three people actually worked against the campaign.

Candidate Stan Vaughan

Stan Vaughan is a passionate Trump supporter, and he is running for Nevada State Assembly, District 15. He knows the state rules by heart and for this reason was considered verboten by Jordan Ross. When Stan was at the Clark County GOP Convention, he sighted the convention rules verbatim, and actually forced those who were disregarding the rules-of-voting to follow them according to Hoyle (i.e., keeping to the exact rules). This was not appreciated by the powers-that-be.

Mr. Vaughan also heard Trump Campaign Manager Charles Munoz state that the delegate slate was made, and he announced this on a local radio station prior to voting at the state convention. When a copy of this tape was requested by Stan’s campaign director, they were told that portion of the interview with Munoz wasn’t recorded. Well, it appears what he heard was true.

Jordan Ross

Volunteer Penny Clark stated,

“When the nomination forms and ballot box were removed from the convention, that action violated Clark Co. GOP bylaws, Section 11.0, as no ballot security was provided. As State Trump Manager, Munoz should have protected the box and nomination forms. Instead, the Trump delegates took to the floor and protested the forms and box from being removed without security.

There was no reason the nomination forms could not have been counted at the convention. Where is the ballot box? Where are the nomination forms? Have forms been removed? Have forms been added? This may be voter fraud and needs to be investigated. The Cruz and Trump delegates should all be concerned. Why isn’t the Trump state campaign manager, Munoz, concerned? He should be protecting the delegates for Mr. Trump.”

The resulting animosity toward Vaughan was diabolical. Jordan Ross actually kept Mr. Vaughan out of the State GOP Convention/Caucus. It is against State Convention rules to disallow someone to actually enter the Convention. They can be removed if they cause a disturbance inside the hall, but they cannot be kept out. Keeping Vaughan out of the State Convention was the goal for those who had ulterior motives in disregarding the State Convention rules. That allegedly included Munoz and McDonald.

Michael McDonald

Michael J. McDonald, Chairman of the Nevada Republican Party, lives in a house owned by high-rolling Vegas sports bettor, Billy Walters, who is accused of breaking securities laws to make tens of millions of dollars through insider trading. In 2000, there was a failed recall attempt on McDonald. In October of 2015, McDonald resigned his post as a senior deputy treasurer in the state Treasurer’s Office after less than three months on the job because McDonald faced a lawsuit over a loan gone bad. [Link]

Michael McDonald

Certainly not the pristine type of individual one would like to see heading up a state Republican Party.

Back in January of this year, Trump had no endorsements from any law maker in Nevada. Of the Nevada delegation to the 2016 RNC Convention, only four of the 60 some delegates can actually be counted on to support the presumptive nominee.

The attitudes and actions of these three men, Ross, McDonald, and Munoz, all tell a story that is not reflective of the magnificent campaigns for Trump in most of the states.

Nevada Chairman, Charles Munoz

The Nevada volunteers for Mr. Trump had many negative things to say about Munoz’ handling of the campaign. Many of them claimed he was very inexperienced, unorganized, always short of promotional materials he claimed he had ordered, and was in the campaign only to enhance his own resume.

Volunteer Gary Goodwin spent his own monies for postage materials, packaging, and simple office necessities. During the first Trump rally, the volunteers signed up hundreds of new voters, and changed the status of hundreds more. Mr. Goodwin has stated that, “Munoz was rude, condescending, disrespectful and a downright ass, especially to veterans.”

The problems reported regarding the Nevada Trump campaign are too numerous to mention, but there were several glaring situations that were reported to Corey Lewandowski, but unfortunately were never properly addressed.

Veterans Mistreated

“Doc” is a disabled Vietnam combat veteran who served two combat tours in Vietnam before he was old enough to vote. He wrote a letter to two of the top campaign volunteers regarding what happened at two of the Trump rallies while they were waiting in line for Mr. Trump to arrive.

He reported that at one rally, Mitchell Saltz, Director of the Smith and Wesson Holding Company, had flown in from Scottsdale, AZ on a private jet, because Mr. Munoz promised them face time with Mr. Trump. That never happened, and Mitch Saltz and his wife were very much displeased over “broken promises.” Doc believed any benefit gained by Sheriff Joe’s endorsement was seriously offset by yet another “Munoz Misstep.”

At another rally, Doc stated that he was standing in the handicapped line with a number of other disabled veterans. He saw several friends, but also one who had joined the Trump campaign and who had great campaign experience. When Doc asked him how it was going, he was told there was no evidence of a ground game in the NV campaign, and it was very troubling.

Doc told how the veterans all seemed to search each other out, and he spotted three WWII vets, and many Korean and Viet Nam vets. He stated the following in his letter. (I have removed names to protect privacy):

All these Veterans were gathered like sheep waiting for slaughter, in a holding area, in the furthest back corner of the event room and partially behind the elevated press platform. Stuffed in a closet like a winter coat in a Nevada summer? “Back of the bus…boy?”

I immediately went to the Trump table and approached one of the volunteers about what I saw as a great disservice to our veterans; especially those from America’s greatest generation.

I was told that nothing could be done. I insisted that they find me someone in charge of the event because I thought I knew how Mr. Trump viewed our Veterans and this must be an oversight or a gross mistake.

After making a major nuisance of myself, bordering on getting myself thrown out, I was told by a Trump Campaign Staffer that this shameful cloistering of our Veterans was a mandate by one Mr. Charles Munoz, Nevada State Director of the Trump Campaign.

I was told that when questioned by a volunteer Mr. Munoz stated: We don’t need the Vets because they don’t Volunteer and they don’t donate!


Just who the HELL is this pompous ASS of a MORON?!?

EVERY campaign that I have worked on in Nevada has had Veterans in virtually every position. And every campaign where we Veterans were told that we were not needed or even wanted were losing campaigns. Sue Lowden and Mitt Romney come to mind.

One of the Trump staffers told me that a top volunteer had challenged the decision by Mr. Munoz, especially in the case of a WWII THREE STAR ADMIRAL. Furthermore, the staffer told me that in the exchange between the volunteer and Mr. Munoz, that he was heard to tell the volunteer, “…DO NOT QUESTION ME” and “…SHUT THE F**K UP!”

I managed to finally corner this volunteer, and asked her about what I had been told. She was on the verge of tears, and confirmed what I had been told.

One of the staffers who I talked to told me things that make me believe that Mr. Munoz is “a plant” maneuvered into a position by which a total and complete sabotage of the Trump campaign is a foregone conclusion; a common practice in Nevada politics, and a subject for a different discussion.
My bottom line is this:

Mr. Charles Munoz is the voice of the Trump Organization in the state of Nevada, and he has made his position, and thereby the position of Donald Trump unequivocally clear.

NO “apology” of any manner or from any source within the Trump organization is going to stop my sharing the opinions of Mr. Munoz with every one of the nearly 300,000 veterans in the state of Nevada and every one of my estimated one-point-five million readers.

My “Red Ink” pen stands at the ready and I have no intention of having it dry out from a lack of use. The ball is now in your court.

Certainly not the type of representation Mr. Trump would tolerate at all.

Utah Rules Committee Members

Surprise, surprise! The Rules Committee members from Utah are Senator Mike Lee and his wife, Sharon Lee. Both are Cruz supporters, and Mike Lee also supports legislation that will bring more Muslims into America. No wonder he is anti-Trump!

In January of 2015, a handful of Senators quietly introduced new legislation in Congress that would allow for virtually unlimited Muslim immigration into the United States – lifting caps entirely on several categories of visas favored by immigrants from Muslim countries. The Mark Zuckerberg-backed legislation, S.153, is called the Immigration Innovation Act (or I-Squared). [Link]

The I-Squared bill is significant for a second reason. One of the Senators who introduced the bill, former Presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, is now running for reelection to the Senate in Florida. Remember the Gang of Eight?

In August of 2015, Senators Cruz, Grassley, and Sessions were all lobbying for legislation that would enact a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years for immigrants who try to re-enter the country illegally after being deported. This was in response to the murder of Kathryn Steinle after Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an immigrant from Mexico who had repeatedly re-entered the United States illegally after being deported, allegedly fired the shot that killed the 32-year-old woman on July 1, 2015.

According to Politico, Lee was aligned with liberal Democratic Sens. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Dick Durbin of Illinois to ease mandatory minimums for certain crimes, and is uncomfortable with such binding punishments for immigration offenses. He even threatened to oppose sanctuary cities legislation that includes mandatory minimums.

In Michelle Malkin’s book, Sold Out, she covered the I-Squared Act, S.153, (short for the “Immigration Innovation Act of 2015”). She stated, “If you are an American worker, that bill is more appropriately called the ‘I’m Screwed Act.’” This rotten legislation had 14 sponsors back in 2015, and Senator Mike Lee of Utah is one of them.

Mike Lee has not decided which way he’ll go during the Rules Committee, whether he’ll vote to keep the rules we have now, or if he’ll vote to allow changes which would give delegates the right to “vote their consciences.”

Anyone who believes Lee is a conservative should check his voting record and where he stands on many issues.

The Reality of the Rules Committee

According to Politico’s July 1st, 2016 article, they have determined that at least 72 members of the rules committee intend to smooth Trump’s path to the nomination — not hinder it.

By now, it should be obvious to the electorate how very many rotten globalists control the Republican party and are complicit with the left’s desire for a “New World Order.” This time, however, the people have spoken, and we want Trump.

Let’s hope Politico is right on this one. Knowing the advisors to Mr. Trump, as well as Paul Manafort’s skill, I am looking forward to hearing that Donald J. Trump has been voted the GOP nominee for President on the first ballot.

Call the Rules Committee Delegates in your state and demand they vote for the people’s choice, Donald J. Trump! They’re all listed here.

[P.S. In order to help Mr. Trump we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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