Plan to sabotage Trump at the RNC rules committee Pt. 2

Plan to sabotage Trump at the RNC rules committee Pt. 2

The People’s Choice

Donald Trump won 1541 delegates, and received more votes than anyone in primary history. He should be a shoe-in as the Republican Presidential nominee. However, Mr. Trump is not part of the good-ole-boy globalist cabal. Only those who want to be in his cabinet, or who are stepping out for freedom are endorsing him. The rest of the GOPe are sticking with their New World Order buddies. So the next hurdle for Mr. Trump is gaining the nomination.

Isn’t it a sad thing that he has to fight his own party more than the leftist enemy? It should be obvious by now that there truly is only one party, and that one party, made up of both Republicans and Democrats, does not have our Constitutional freedoms and liberties at heart.

The Rules Committee meets the weekend before the Convention begins on Monday, 18 July 2016. Anything can happen in this meeting. We’ve seen it before. Mr. Trump’s Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, and his advisors, are well aware of this and are also well prepared.

So let’s look at the hurdles to be overcome.

The Rules Committee

What exactly is the Rules Committee? What does it do? Who can serve on it? And how might it affect the 2016 Republican National Convention? This last question is the one that we’re worried about.

The Rules Committee consists of 112 members with one male delegate and one female delegate from each state, territory, and Washington, D.C. They are elected at state conventions in the spring. This is different from the RNC Standing Committee on Rules, which can be read about here.

The Republican National Chairman has the responsibility of appointing from amongst the 112 committee members a chair and co-chair of the committee. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus appointed anti-Trump globalist, Enid Mickelsen [Link] of Utah and Ron Kaufman of Massachusetts as chair and co-chair of the committee on June 17, 2016.

According to Ballotpedia,

The Rules Committee crafts the rules that govern the Republican Party, including the rules that govern proceedings of the Republican National Convention. The committee formally begins its deliberations the week before the convention begins. On the first day of the convention, it proposes a rules package to the convention’s delegates, who, in turn, are responsible for approving the proposed rules by a majority vote or sending them back to the Rules Committee. There will be 2,472 delegates at the 2016 convention.

Ballotpedia also lists the rules committee delegates from each state. You can click on their names and see where they stand, how they’re bound, and who they supported. There are numerous troublemakers who will be at the convention.

Colorado Delegate Kendal Unruh

Kendal Unruh plans to sabotage not only Trump, but the American electorate who chose Mr. Trump as the Republican candidate. She is going forward with her plan to replace Trump at the GOP Convention. Unruh sent the Convention Rules Committee a letter outlining the proposed change. It would let delegates buck their pledges’ votes, generally governed by the results of each state’s primary or caucus, by invoking a “conscience” clause. Unruh is one of at least 30 delegates hoping to thwart Trump’s expected nomination on the convention floor. Fortunately, a small number.

They are moving forward with a plan to block him by giving delegates a way out of voting for him. The strategy centers on a rule change for the Republican National Convention that would let delegates vote for any candidate even if they are pledged to support Trump. Unruh said on June 17, her campaign lacks an alternative if it keeps Trump from officially becoming the Republican standard-bearer.

Ms. Unruh, there is no alternative!!!!! We voted for Trump!

Correll Files Suit

She’s not alone, in Virginia, delegate Carroll Boston Correll, Jr., has filed suit to be allowed to opt out of being bound by state law in voting for Mr. Trump. This globalist ass says “Trump is unfit to serve.” I’d say you’re unfit to serve Mr. Correll.

Delegates in North Carolina and Arizona are saying the same thing, they want to be unbound from their states in the laws that require them to vote for Mr. Trump.

This shows you again how absolutely rotten to the core the Republican party has become.

In a last ditch effort to sidetrack Trump, “Free the Delegates” is calling on delegates to vote at the convention as their conscience dictates.

Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham will have none of it.

“I have the law and the rules on my side,” he said. “And it’s not to be unfair, it’s just to manage this entire process and maintain a professional decorum.”

Graham says delegates who have decided they can’t support the presumptive nominee as promised, should step aside in lieu of an alternate delegate. “Let somebody who’s enthusiastically engaged in the process to go and participate.” [Link]

The State of Tennessee

Darren Morris, state director of Trump’s campaign in Tennessee, told The Tennessean that the Trump campaign, and Tennessee Republican Party chairman Ryan Haynes, had agreed Wednesday, March 30th, on the names of seven of the 14 at-large delegates who, under party rules, are to be appointed by the state party. All seven were Trump supporters.

But Morris said that an updated delegate list he reviewed later that week was wiped clean of several of those names and instead featured individuals who he described as strongly “anti-Trump.” “A few of those names are still on there,” Morris said. “Most of them are not. In fact, I’ve been told a few of them are very much anti-Trump and they’re there to do the bidding of the RNC.”

We know for a fact that this has happened in other states as well. However, some of the state laws bind the delegates to the state’s primary winner. Yet, stacking the deck with GOPe anti-Trump delegates plays right into the hands of the globalists and the anti-Trump members of the Rules Committee.

TN GOP Member Resigns Corrupt Party

A member of the Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee (SEC) says he’s resigning his position, blasting state party leaders, and questioning the direction of the Tennessee Republican Party on his way out.

In his resignation letter, Trump supporter, Mark Winslow said the party’s “soul rotted away some time ago.”

He went on to say, “Wrongdoing in the TN GOP has really become commonplace the last few years. So stories of staff collecting obscene amounts of GOP cash while working to defeat conservatives is neither new nor shocking. It’s no different than party officials creating secret PACs to target SEC members and candidates they don’t like, or a confidential personnel file finding its way into TV ads.”

Thank God for a few men with integrity. Mr. Trump should hire Mark Winslow!
Trump Delegates in Oregon

Key Trump volunteers in Oregon found the continuation of Trump Campaign Manager, Jacob Daniels, to be intolerable. Daniels was hired by consultant Robert Stryk, (of who we believe was hired at the behest of former national Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski. Daniels failed to follow through on many occasions. He allowed the opposition establishment in the Republican Party to name its own non-Trump supportive Delegates, throwing his own people, who would push for no convention changes, under the bus. He even pushed the slate, which resulted in known dubious Chinese national committeeman, Solomon Yue, becoming the Delegation’s Rules Committee representative. (See my previous article on Yue) Volunteers put forth their own largely pro-Trump delegation candidates, opposing Daniels and the establishment—with mixed results.

The one to worry about is Solomon Yue, especially since he’s a member of the Rules Committee. Yue may be one of the Cruz delegate organizers, and he may well be the one who will do all he can to hurt Trump. Yue, like Cruz, is itching to make trouble at the convention. It even looks as though he’d like Trump to lose, in the hopes that Cruz can run and win in 2020.

Campaign Mgr. for Nevada and Arizona

Charles Munoz is the Trump Campaign Manager for the States of Nevada and Arizona. He was hired by former national Trump Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski. Both of them were former employees of Americans for Prosperity (AFP), David Koch’s organization.

The Koch Brothers are controlled opposition, and David Koch is on the boards of Rockefeller University, the Earth watch Institute, an environmental sustainability Agenda 21 group, and the globalist Aspen Institute, formerly headed by new age environmentalist, Maurice Strong, the driving force behind UN Agenda 21. He also supports gay marriage and stem-cell research. See this map of Koch’s many connections.

David and Charles Koch detest Donald J. Trump.

Perhaps Charles Munoz’ former position with AFP influenced some of his actions as campaign manager for the two states.

Remember, Curly Haugland and Sean Parnell of Delegates Unbound, who I mentioned in part 1 of this article? Well the AFP/Koch Brothers infiltration is far bigger than most would suspect. Sean Parnell is part of Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), a Koch Brothers front group. They are funded through Freedom Partners which is completely funded by the Koch Brothers. The official paycheck Sean Parnell gets is through a 501-(c) 3 and 4 trust called Vets for Economic Freedom, again funded through Freedom Partners. Here is their 990 from 2014 linking them to CVA.

A large number of delegates from many states are members of groups funded by Freedom Partners/Koch Brothers. This information comes first hand from people who were employees of same.

Arizona Rules Committee Members

Bruce Ash is an automatic delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from Arizona. He is bound to support Donald Trump for only one ballot.

While Ash currently serves as the chairman of the Standing Committee on Rules for the Republican National Convention, he was also appointed to the conventions RNC Rules Committee, and like Solomon Yue of Oregon, he is not a Trump supporter.

Ash would change the rule book governing the convention from the long-used rules of the U.S. House of Representatives to Robert’s Rules of Order. This is exactly the same thing proposed by Solomon Yue.

Linda Brickman is the other Arizona delegate who is on the Rules Committee. She is working to build a strong coalition to move Senator Cruz into the winning seat.

The RNC legal counsel, John Ryder, responded by stating that “especially in the middle of the current primary contest, it is important that the RNC not take action that can be interpreted as attempting to favor one candidate or another. Major changes now are dangerous and not a good idea, in my humble opinion.”

Ash Calls for Executions

Astonishingly, Ash has stated that Trump is not his first, second, or third choice, and on James T. Harris’s conservative talk radio show, he called for the “execution of Donald J. Trump’s staff.” [Link] Two years ago, he even called for “kneecapping” talk show host, Harris.

Bruce Ash sounds more like Bill Ayers with his violent outbursts, than he does a so-called conservative. There are repeated calls for his resignation from Republican leadership.

“You would think by now the Republican Party would learn that if they don’t stop a cancer in its tracks it will grow. Ash is a cancer that has grown across Arizona and now is metastasizing. Bruce Ash’s rhetoric has brought havoc to southern Arizona candidates, and now is spreading hate, and division on a national level,” stated Harris.

Ash has been working toward replacing Priebus with someone of his liking after the convention, and to that end he is selling himself as a grassroots Trump supporters’ champion. Ash and his cabal do not support Trump, but according to sources, the money flowing to them – should they succeed – is what counts.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

[P.S. In order to help Mr. Trump we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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