Paul Ryan, refugee resettlements and open borders

Paul Ryan, refugee resettlements and open borders

He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of this country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who, so far as his power and influence extend, will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man. The sum of all is, if we would most truly enjoy this gift of Heaven, let us become a virtuous people. —Samuel Adams

Paul Nehlen is running against Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin primary on August 9th. In early July, I interviewed Mr. Nehlen and wrote an article which included his answers to my questions. I strongly endorse Paul Nehlen for Congressman of Wisconsin’s 1st district as Paul Ryan has proven he is a big government globalist.

If you didn’t like Ryan’s $1.1 trillion Omnibus bill that gave Obama every nickel he asked for, you certainly will not like the number of Islamic refugees he wants to bring to America. Paul Ryan, (worse that former speaker John Boehner), is a traitor to the once conservative Republican party, and he is a traitor to the American citizenry.

Ryan on Immigration

Ryan has secretly been working behind the public’s back to round up enough votes to fully fund Obama’s increase of refugees from 70,000 to 85,000 this year, and 100,000 next year.

All of these refugees come from third world countries, including Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. These countries are not only bastions of ISIS jihadists, but include al-Qaida and the international Muslim Brotherhood. Paul Ryan’s stance on open borders and immigration is absolutely horrifying to American citizens.

Last October, Breitbart published an article on Paul Ryan’s “open-borders” stance. It stated that Rep. Luis Gutierrez endorsed Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House and that drew new attention to Ryan’s two-decade history of pushing for open border immigration policies. A previously little noticed 2013 video of Ryan and Gutierrez stumping for Sen. Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill in which the two make a candid pitch for unlimited immigration shows just how far Ryan is willing to go to push for open borders policies. Paul Ryan takes money from the veterans and gives it to illegal aliens. See video below.

“Get rid of him! We don’t want anybody who believes in open borders,” Phyllis Schlafly told Breitbart. “Obviously Paul Ryan is not an ‘America first’ guy.” And she’s totally right!

Breitbart reported on July 25th that American mothers, whose children were killed by illegal aliens, said that House Speaker Paul Ryan and members of his security detail fled from his guarded (and walled) estate on Saturday, as they attempted to present Ryan with the photos of their murdered children, and show him the true cost of his open borders agenda. Ryan ran because he knows his stance on open borders kills American citizens every day.

Paul Ryan is paying for and helping Obama transplant dangerous Muslims into all of America!

Ryan on Refugee Resettlements and Obama

The first major act that Paul Ryan took as the new Speaker of the House, was to block any amendments with a closed rule process on a flawed bill dealing with immigration. [Link] House Speaker Paul Ryan, is a major resettlement facilitator. In last year’s must-pass Omnibus bill, Ryan could have defunded Obama’s resettlement program which would have effectively ended that program. That same filthy Omnibus bill fully funded Obama’s refugee resettlement operation, all Mideast immigration programs, Sanctuary Cities, Obama’s continued executive amnesty for DREAMers, and the resettlement of illegal aliens within the U.S. interior. [Link]

Transforming America and at the same time exposing citizens to potential terrorist threats should be, but is not, dead on arrival in a Republican-controlled Congress.

Leader Ryan has worked hard to ensure that the resettlement surge goes forward, and that President Obama will achieve one of his most coveted goals before he leaves office.

Ryan Loves Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

In another article by Breitbart on August 1, 2016, Paul Ryan received a standing ovation from wealthy donors after denouncing the views of Republican voters, who are skeptical of so-called “free trade” deals. This includes the Republican Nominee, Donald J. Trump!

At a meeting hosted by the globalist Koch Brothers, Paul Ryan touted the importance of free trade, an issue Trump has railed against, and said it was essential that party leaders make a better case for the free market. Trump argues that free trade agreements have hurt American workers, and that better deals are needed. Trump is right, but Paul Ryan is a globalist who loves free trade, and who doesn’t care one whit about Americans having jobs.

This is one horrible filthy rotten agreement that will screw American workers and destroy even more jobs, leveling us to a 3rd world country. Watch Senator Sessions speak about this rotten TPP.

Breitbart has written two articles on Sessions’ revelations. In “Critical Alert: Jeff Sessions Warns America Against Potentially Disastrous Obama Trade Deal,” they report:

“‘Congress has the responsibility to ensure that any international trade agreement entered into by the United States must serve the national interest, not merely the interests of those crafting the proposal in secret,’ Sessions’ team writes in a document that lays out the top five concerns with the Obama trade deal. ‘It must improve the quality of life, the earnings, and the per-capita wealth of everyday working Americans. The sustained long-term loss of middle class jobs and incomes should compel all lawmakers to apply added scrutiny to a ‘fast-track’ procedure wherein Congress would yield its legislative powers and allow the White House to implement one of largest global financial agreements in our history – comprising at least 12 nations and nearly 40 percent of the world’s GDP.’ . . .

“The Sessions document then goes point-by-point for five full pages through the TPA trade deal, laying out why it wouldn’t help Americans – rather, it would likely hurt American workers – and why the deal doesn’t in fact provide Congress with more power over trade despite talking points from the Obama trade deal’s proponents . . .”

The second article in Breitbart, “Only Two Republicans Admit They Have Actually Read Secret Obama Trade Deal – Both Unsupportive” reports on a survey they did of Senate Republicans where they asked three questions: (1) Have you read the TPP, specifically the ‘living agreement’ in the trade deal that allows the deal to be changed and countries added without congressional review? (2) Does the Senator agree with Sen. Sessions’ call to make the TPP available to the public? And, (3) Will the Senator vote for fast track Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) if the TPP hasn’t been stripped of the ‘living agreement’ section that would allow countries to amend the deal without Congressional approval, and to even add countries (like China, if they wanted to) to the deal without Congressional approval?

Janna Little Ryan

Paul Ryan is married to Janna Little Ryan, a flaming left wing liberal progressive, anti-Constitutional, big government George Soros supporter who voted for Barack Hussein Obama twice. Since Paul Ryan is so desirous of pleasing Barack Hussein Obama, perhaps pillow talk means more to him than the country. [Link]

The Choice Has to be Paul Nehlen

Donald Trump has praised Paul Nehlen, and he has not endorsed Ryan. Here are the 10 things Paul Nehlen says he’ll do within the 60 days after he’s elected. Congress has, at best, a 5% to 9% approval rating. If we elect more men and women like Paul Nehlen, the ratings will definitely improve. I believe this man will honor the oath of office, and it is why I support him with all my heart.

Please do all you can to promote Mr. Nehlen’s efforts to unseat Paul Ryan in the August 9th Wisconsin primary. Donations can be made through his website, and an address is included should you wish to send a check.

[P.S. In order to wake up the population, we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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