Oregon allows 15 year olds to get sex change operation without parental notification

Oregon allows 15 year olds to get sex change operation without parental notification

GRANTS PASS, OREGON. —The list of things 15-year-olds in Oregon are not legally allowed to do is long: drive a car, smoke, give blood, get a tattoo, drink beer. However, according to a new Oregon law enacted in January, they can now change their sex without parental permission.

The Oregon Health Review Commission (OHRC) made the decision in accordance with Child and Adolescent Psychiatry findings that have little to do with real science or any confirmable data. Parents had no say and were not even informed about this decision. To make things worse, these sex change operations and hormone therapy treatments can by paid for by the state, through medicaid (Oregon Health Plan). Can anyone say Obamacare?

Psychiatry, has little to no evidence to support their hypothetical findings. They are basing their decisions on a supposed mental disorder called Gender Dysphoria. The Oregon Health Authority considered the psychiatrists to be the only experts and they are taking what they say as gospel truth, which it is not. Where is the truth here? Our government via our public school system in the beginning stages is purposefully allowing kids to become confused, first with common core, now with encouraging doubt as to if one is truly male or female.

This socialistic governmental circumvention of parental rights is just outrageous. The government can trespass on our children’s lives and change their sex without a parents’ permission when they are just fifteen years old. One day your child comes home late and says they are changing their sex because school taught them that they might be confused sexually. Therefore, your only son James becomes Janet and now you have to say adios to the future grandkids and your bloodline ends. Read Fox News article: “Oregon allowing 15-year-olds to get state-subsidized sex-change operations.”

The question we should be asking is – where are the pastors? Where is the church leadership? Where is Pastor Dennis Webber of Parkway Christian Center and his friend Pastor Mark Goens of River Valley Church? They had no trouble making a video promoting Romans 13 and expounding that we all have to obey government authority. Mark Goens was visibly upset that people go to school board meetings (see the video) and question the board’s authority and curriculum. How come they are both silent on this recent absurdity?

This spring in Seaside, Oregon, the Oregon Department of Education had a seminar titled: “How To Get Your Groove On.” KOIN TV was there and covered this shocking event. Click here to read the story and see the video. Children as young as eleven were learning how to have cyber and phone sex or perform sex acts while skyping. Learning that “Dry Humping Saves Lives” and that “meth is used for millions of reasons” – to have lots of sex with lots of partners for long periods”. To learn more click here to read Sam Anderson’s article. There were no pastors protesting this event either. Isn’t it the pastor’s job to look out for the innocence of our children and to warn the parents of this evil?

In the socialist scheme of things, children belong to everybody in the community. Hillary Clinton is promoting that “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child.” However, the creators are the owners and that is the parents who the government likes to ignore and keep distracted with frivolous matters.

One transsexual advocate says it will save lives when they stop a potential suicide resulting from identity crisis. They always say it is for the children while they violate them in more ways than one.

One would think a parent could tell if their offspring were having issues with their gender. Otherwise, that parent is not listening and must be totally disconnected from their child’s life. So that’s when schools become the parents -just as planned.

This issue is not about a simple matter of gender choices to be made about a child’s sexuality. This is a matter of the destruction of our free society through government over stepping it’s authority. While the American public has their heads in the sand. So really the root of the problem is that “We the People” have somehow elected these perverted, agenda driven public officials.

As we continue to sink into the demoralization of our nation, where are all the churches and pastors that would normally speak out against this madness? Has a 501C3 status got their tongue?

I bet all those who voted for Obama thought they were on the winning team but see what it got them? If citizens are not vigilant then they have no reason to complain about anything an elected official does, even if fifteen year olds are having sex changes behind mom and dad’s backs. Our apathy allows it and it happens.

What I am talking about is every citizen’s civic duty, but sadly, most do not even know this is their inherent job as a citizen. We are their bosses and we need to make sure we know whom we are hiring for the job. When we get involved and turn on the lights, the cockroaches run and hide, only to return when you turn out the lights and go back to sleep.

It’s time for all of us to look in the mirror, make a change, and vote these deviants out. In November, when it comes time to vote on a local level, we should all ask more questions about the people seeking office. That is, to research the candidates we are voting for before we vote. Do not make your decision according to what your neighbor has told you, but seek your own research findings. Your vote might be for a school board member, or a city council member, a commissioner, or even the president, but stop voting for the cult personality and good looks to be on the winning side. Simply start voting intelligently with knowledge of whom you are voting for. What kind of America are we going to leave to our children and our grandchildren? It is time to get involved.

For the love of our children, please click the link below titled “Click Here for Mass Emailing” to forward this article to all of your friends in Josephine County. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” — Edmund Burke

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