Is the queen of corruption too sick to campaign?

Is the queen of corruption too sick to campaign?

In the United States, the Constitution is a health chart left by the Founding Fathers which shows whether or not the body politic is in good health. If the national body is found to be in poor health, the Founding Fathers also left a prescription for the restoration of health called the Declaration of Independence. —Dick Gregory

Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits. —Thomas Jefferson

What is Wrong with Hillary?

Today’s Hillary is not the effervescent and exuberant high school Alinsky fan. Over and over we’re seeing problems where Hillary has episodes of lost memory, or what appear to be epileptic seizures, or even difficulty in walking and climbing stairs. We need to look at her health. I do not believe she is well enough to even be running for president, much less serving a four-year term.

The upcoming debates are debilitating, and I wonder if she’ll take another half-hour bathroom break to get away from Mr. Trump. Remember, two of the debates are scheduled opposite of high profile football games. Was she responsible for those dates with the complicit MSM so there are less viewers? We already know every single moderator is a liberal Democrat, and two are actually tied to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Collapses in New York

At the early morning memorial on the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Hillary Clinton rushed out of the ceremony and was seen being helped into her SUV as she faints. Here are the videos from The Conservative Treehouse website that show what happened, which appeared more serious than a fainting spell. The last video shows something metallic falling from one pants leg.

Video #1 –
Video #2 –
Here is a mirror view –
Video #3 –

Fox News is now reporting that Hillary has pneumonia, which was diagnosed Friday, and allegedly caused her fainting spell. But everything is fine, move along, nothing to see here.

Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

Friends whose parents have had this say that Hillary’s symptoms match NPH exactly.

Eric Boling of Fox News received a call from a physician regarding Hillary’s symptoms and the likelihood of NPH. He explains in his article, Wake Up America: Hillary Clinton Owes Us This.

For several months, Hillary took a powerful anti-coagulant to thin her blood and dissolve the deep brain clot from a fall she had. Most people respond from this condition without permanent brain damage.

However, some elderly patients turn up with a complication known as normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), which is characterized by balance problems and urinary incontinence and sometimes looks similar to Parkinson’s Disease.

So, what is NPH? The National Institute of Health describes, “Normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is an abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain’s ventricles, or cavities. It occurs if the normal flow of cerebrospinal fluid throughout the brain and spinal cord is blocked in some way. This causes the ventricles to enlarge, putting pressure on the brain. It may result from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, head trauma, infection, tumor, or complications of surgery.”

It causes thinking and reasoning problems, difficulty walking and loss of bladder control. Other symptoms are memory loss, speech problems, apathy and withdrawal, changes in mood and behavior, difficulties with reasoning, paying attention, or judgment, walking problems, unsteadiness, leg weakness, sudden falls, shuffling steps, “getting stuck” or “freezing” while walking, urinary symptoms, inability to hold urine, and frequent and urgent urination. Maybe that’s why Hillary had to leave the debate with Bernie, to go to the bathroom?

The Southern Medical Journal has a full article by several physicians stating that a chronic cough is a presenting symptom of hydrocephalus, and we’ve seen Hillary with several coughing attacks. Hypothyroidism – another condition Mrs. Clinton has — is an underactive thyroid. Symptoms can include a slowed metabolism, fatigue, weight gain, and other issues, like a dry cough.

An even scarier condition can emerge if NPH is left untreated; it could lead to forms of dementia! Hillary would need an MRI or CT scan of her brain to determine if she has NPH.

The treatment of choice for NPH patients who show a positive response to diagnostic testing is the placement of a CSF shunt. A shunt is an implantable device designed to drain CSF fluid away from the brain thereby allowing the enlarged ventricles to return to a normal state.

Surgery can help with urinary and balance problems, but there is no guarantee as to recovery, and not all symptoms are relieved with surgery.

Reports of Poor Health

There have been so many reports on Hillary’s poor health that they are finally hitting even major media, although those who speak out are often terminated from employment.

In 2009, Hillary had a severe fall when going to the White House, and she broke her elbow.

In 2011, she fell boarding a plane.

In 2012, she has another fall at home, resulting in a severe concussion, which Bill Clinton says took her six months to recover from, and she ended up with a blood-clot in the brain, and a lifetime of being on blood thinners.

Is she prone to falling? It appears as though she has equilibrium problems. You can see from the following photos that she can barely get up a few stairs without two people helping her. If she does fall and hit her head again, she will probably get another blood-clot. The photos are from February of this year.

Fox Medical Team Comments

The ‘FOX News Medical A-Team’ talked about the above photo when it caught an internet buzz, as well as reports of Clinton’s health problems in general. The photo is from February and showed Hillary Clinton needing the help of aides to walk up a set of stairs. Here are their comments…

“The picture going up the stairs speaks a million words,” Dr. David Samadi said. “Is she fatigued? Is she dehydrated? One of the main reasons she fell in 2012 and had the concussions was severe dehydration. They’re holding her and going up the stairs. So she may be really dehydrated, she may have arthritis, she may have back pain, she may have fallen again. We don’t know. There are questions that are unanswered. What we know today is she’s on thyroid medication, she suffers from hypothyroid, low thyroid, that can cause fatigue and gaining weight and all of that.”

“I think a traumatic brain injury with symptoms down the road is very, very likely here especially since she had a blood-clot on her brain. As David mentioned that could lead to a seizure problem. Someone is carrying a [diazepam] pen that you’d use in case of a seizure, a Valium pen, that makes me wonder about that,” Dr. Seigel said.

The public has a right to know what her neurological records show, but both Hillary and Bill’s medical records are sealed.

Other Symptoms of NPH?

She has extreme reactions to visual stimuli as seen in this video.

She has coughing fits while on stage speaking as seen here, here, and here on her plane, and this has happened multiple times. Her bathroom trips have been bad enough, but what causes this constant dry cough? Could it be NPH? Here she is at a recent rally where she blames the coughing fit on being allergic to Donald Trump. It pained me to even watch this!

She seems to go bobble-head in this video, which is an overreaction if I ever saw one. I tried to mimic what she did and couldn’t even do it!

At a recent rally, she seems to lose her train of thought, get a bit dizzy, and have a bit of a blackout.

American Thinker has an article regarding Hillary constantly being accompanied by a medic with an anti-seizure injection at the ready.

And here’s another video where she seemingly gets flummoxed by a protester. Notice the same black gentleman runs up to her and says, “Keep talking.”
That black gentleman is the same man who was Bill Clinton’s former medical aide, and was with Bill 24/7 after his heart surgery. He has been at the side of Hillary Clinton for several months (pictured below right with President Clinton who was recovering from heart surgery).

Ed Klein’s New Book

“Unlikeable, The Problem with Hillary,” actually details her previous health problems, and goes into the strokes, blinding headaches, insomnia and other health issues that have plagued Hillary and sapped her energy. “For the first time I’ve known her, she’s showing self-doubt about her strength and vitality,” a friend of Clinton’s told author Edward Klein.

Dr. Lisa Bardack released a letter stating that Hillary was healthy. The letter outlined Clinton’s medical history, which included her treatment for a brain concussion, an analysis of blood clots affecting her legs and brain on separate occasions, an underactive thyroid gland examination, and a complete family history of heart disease. Despite good results, Ed Klein says Hillary is keeping medical information under wraps.

“There were incidents on the campaign trail when she felt faint and nearly swooned,” he claimed. “Those incidents were kept secret.”

Of course she’s not likeable. She never has been likeable. This woman has a mouth on her that would make a sailor blush, and she detests anyone who gets in her way. You’ll never hear her saying the words Mr. Trump says to us.

She’s Not Physically Fit

The conclusion has to be that Hillary is not physically fit to even be running for president, much less to take on the full-time job. Nevertheless, she is hell bent to regain the White House. No, we’d just end up with either Bill running things, or Vice Presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, both of whom are equally as deranged as Hillary.

This is not an election we can afford to sit out. To do so, would be a vote for Hillary, and this woman is simply too far to the left and too dangerous to our freedoms. Even if you don’t agree with every Trump policy, we are at the tipping point. Think of what our children and grandchildren’s futures will be with millions upon millions of refugees allowed into our country, not to mention open borders.

I believe God put it on Mr. Trump’s heart that he was chosen to save our Republic. I also believe that he is an answer to our prayers for our country. Mr. Trump has stepped up now because he knows what destruction awaits us if he is not allowed to set us right. There is no more time.

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