Is Josephine County Sheriff’s Office Derelict Of Duty?

Is Josephine County Sheriff’s Office Derelict Of Duty?

The three basic tenants of a sheriff’s job are to protect life, liberty, and property in his jurisdiction. Somehow Sheriff Daniel has missed that premise; somehow real empathy has eluded Sheriff Daniel. On May 18th 2016 Christopher Edward Deak died in Murphy from an overdose of Methamphetamine, Oxycodone, and Benzodiazepine a muscle relaxer, anti anxiety, and pain reliever. It was ruled an accident by the coroner.

Recent changes to rules in the coroner’s offices in 2016 from around the country are now labeling overdoses as a homicide for good reason.

One reason is dealers are murderers in the eyes of law enforcement. Also the word “accident” suggests you might get in a car wreck which is labeled an accident or fall off a ladder and that’s an accident, but when someone dies in an overdose it has to be ruled a homicide because it means someone else was involved. Homicide is defined as the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another; murder.

Granted not all homicides are determined to be crimes, and the decision on whether charges should be filed is made by local D.A. prosecutors. In Christopher Deak’s case, the prosecutors have not received anything to go on because it was ruled an accident. Unfortunately, Chris was murdered by injection. Three injections in the hand side by side are exactly how Chris died according to the coroner’s report. So if the coroner’s here in Josephine County would have adopted that policy at the time of Chris’s murder then Chris’s family would have had an investigation and possibly some justice and closure. NOTE; I have all the emails and information by permission from Mrs. Deak to back up any of the claims in this article.

Had the sheriff performed his duties to look into a self-admitted suspicious death in his jurisdiction or read the coroner’s report with genuine concern he would have contested the ruling as accidental because the report reveals an intentional murder took place. This was no accident and I will show you why, but first I must explain how this story came about.

Chris Deak’s mother Brenda contacted me on Jan 21st 2017 asking about an article I wrote concerning Sheriff Daniel and his bullying tactics. In fact, back then the sheriff approached my editor about that article and demanded a retraction or he was going to sue him. However, Sheriff Daniel is a public figure and we can say or report on what we want short of threats of harm to him or his deputies.

The Sheriff was offered to refute and submit a counter article but he refused and scared my editor into buckling and the article was pulled even though everything was true and correct from a firsthand source. At least it was out long enough for many people to read it and comment to me. None of the comments were in support of the sheriff but thank God Brenda had read it to get in touch with me.

After Brenda contacted me it was apparent that Brenda and Edward Deak were so angry about how their son’s death was handled, they said it was very unprofessional with no respect for the deceased or his family. The crime scene wasn’t secured and thieves made off with everything Chris owned.

Unfortunately, Brenda had to find out about her son from some people in Boston who phoned/emailed her two days after the fact. In fact, she has never verbally communicated with Sheriff Daniel. Also know this, for her to get him to read her emails she had to forward an email to the chief of police Bill Landis to forward to the sheriff to get his attention. The sheriff would not return any of her repeated calls and still over two years later has not spoken verbally with Mrs. Deak. He did eventually return emails a month after Chris’s death.

So what killed Chris Deak? According to the coroner’s report, Chris’s extremities were unremarkable meaning there were no signs of struggle, injury, or violence. As you start to read the report it has a comment at the top that said, the level of methamphetamines by itself is potentially lethal. Toxic/lethal levels of oxycodone and benzodiazepine were also present. The coroner mentions three injections in Chris’s right hand and that raised a red flag when I read it.

When I asked Mrs. Deak, was your son left or right handed, she replied right handed. As a result of her answer, I had to inform her that her sons death was a homicide. This didn’t sit well with Mrs. Deak when the sheriff should have easily spotted that and be the one to tell her that information. I totally understood her anger and frustration. Fact is, you can’t inject yourself three times in the hand, each shot a lethal dose and survive long enough to inject yourself two more times using your non-dominate hand. He had help and who was that help is the question?

At one point, Mrs. Deak wrote the sheriff to ask him what happened to all Chris’s belongings. The sheriff’s reply was that, “I looked in Chris’s car and didn’t see anything of value”. Mrs. Deak wrote back, “of course not, everything was already stolen”. He didn’t even search the house or Chris’s other car.

The landlord Rip Longoria told me that the sheriff stopped by for a quick minute, stuck his head in the car (Mercedes) and left. He was there tops less than five minutes according to multiple witnesses. The sheriff had also informed Mrs. Deak an email that the sheriff’s office had no detectives division when realistically a deputy or sheriff can take the case.

Chris’s Toyota Preus that he came here with, was vandalized as if someone was looking for something by slashing the interior looking for hidden objects/money. This wasn’t mentioned by the sheriff but Mrs. Deak soon found out when they delivered the car back to Chris’s brother in Florida.

Note the date below when this email was sent, the autopsy report was concluded in Oct 2016. Daniel makes her wait three months before telling her he received the report. This is after he ignored her until June 2016 a month after Chris’s death when he finally answered the forwarded email.

From: Dave Daniel <>
Date: January 10, 2017 at 12:57:31 PM EST
To: “‘Brenda Deak'” <b—>
Subject: RE: Any News?

Greetings Ms. Deak,
I have the autopsy report for Christopher.  It was ruled an “accident”. In the physical results for Christopher they are all described as “unremarkable”.  This is the technical term for no abnormalities were found meaning there was no sign of struggle, injury or other evidence of foul play.  In the comment portion of the report Dr. Olson writes, “The level of methamphetamine by itself is potentially lethal. Toxic/lethal levels of oxycodone and benzodiazepine drugs were also present.”  I do believe there were others present during or after Christopher passed away.  The character of those individuals is not good considering the business Christopher was involved in.  They obviously wanted no part of the fallout of Christopher’s passing and used it as an opportunity to gather items that interested them.  We do not know who they were and likely will not know due to the clandestine nature of his operation.  Being the result of the autopsy was an “accident”/overdose the case will be closed.  I am sorry for your loss and I know Christopher was loved.  Tragedy comes in many forms and unfortunately in this case it is loss of life.  I wish you the best in your recovery from this tragic incident.  Christopher will live on in your memory and like many others, in mine as well.

Best regards,

It was easy to find out who was there if the deputy had just asked a few questions of the landlord Rip Longoria like I did. Rip tells me that Deputy Rarey asked a few generic questions and left. “Nothing of real substance was talked about.” “He was here about a half hour.” Contrary to what the sheriff said in the email what Chris was working on was not clandestine in fact, it was all legal.

If the sheriff had this many questions about the incident, why wouldn’t he investigate? If the sheriff didn’t know who the people were, how can he attest to their character? Is everybody that deals in marijuana now suspect of being a lowlife? So according to the sheriff, looting of a crime scene is to be expected???

According to the landlord Rip Longoria, Drai Beveridge and his girlfriend Brittanie Marie Fazzone (pictured) were the last people to be seen with Chris alive. I was told by Mrs Longoria that Drai came running in the house after Chris’s death and started rambling on about how he didn’t kill Chris when no one in the room was asking him if he did. “He appeared to be high on meth” according to Mrs. Longoria and he was very nervous and stammering his words. “Sounds like a guilty conscience to me” said, Mrs. Longoria.

Why are these two criminals caught and released like trout over and over again since Chris’s murder? They have been the topic on numerous radio and news media sites and newspapers. They both represent the poster children of the heroin epidemic in southern Oregon. [ Column 1] and [ Column 2]

According to Chris’s closest friend here in Oregon who wants to remain anonymous, “Chris was a bit of a control freak which made it hard to work with him.” So why would a control freak let someone else inject him unless maybe he was lured in by a female, which Chris, according to emails and phone records had a fond weakness for women. People that know her as Bmoney say, Brittanie Fazzone knows all about injections, her former boyfriend before Drai, died the same way Chris did, with three injections in the hand. This account hasn’t been proved. Could the abrasion on Chris’s left knee in the coroners report be the reason for the first injection (for associated pain) by Brittanie using the Benzodiazipine to subdue him and then injecting him two more times with lethal doses of Meth and Oxycodone then stealing what ever they could from Chris? A real investigation might show that but speculation is all the Deaks are left with at this point.

Additionally, the combination of drugs is insane to say the least. Many intravenous users will tell you they would never attempt such a combination of drugs at once unless they wanted to die. Chris didn’t want to die he just purchased an extract machine to make his dream of becoming the extract king of Boston come true. After the final of three payments was made, a week and a half later he was gone, machine gone, money gone, weed gone, Mercedes gone, his own car vandalized, and personal effects folder gone. Evidently, this doesn’t matter to our current Sheriff Daniel.

I was told by Chris’s friend that he knows for sure that Erin has the machine, and the personal folder which was admitted by her. Erin however, won’t give them up when I kindly asked her to do so. I told her the options before her but she says she will take her chances with the police which appparently means nothing will be done.

If this were a homicide investigation like there should have been, then Erin is an accessory to murder after the fact just possessing Chris’s stolen property. Erin told me in an email that I was right about things weighing heavy on her mind. What is Erin hiding? Why won’t she cooperate and give back Chris’s personal folder to his family and talk? Is she and her son making money with that machine Chris should have been making?

The homicide was falsely ruled an accident and the story went no further, because no one bothered to look into it, not even a little bit, as if Chris was just another dead junkie not worth the effort. Chris had no tracks on his arms to indicate he was a regular user. Christopher had family that cared and loved him and their hearts are broken by the unsympathetic and unprofessional handling of Chris’s fate. Chris was 37.

At Mrs. Deaks request, I went to the sheriff’s office to report the extract machine stolen with a notary stamp and signature of Mrs. Deak giving me ownership of the machine that is in possession of Erin Gericke and her son in Cave Junction. Mrs. Deak has no interest in the machine so she gave it to me so I could report it stolen.

Michelle, the receptionist at the sheriff’s office wouldn’t even take my report, it’s not her job to determine what is legit or not or how we go about proving that. She’s not a lawyer, or investigator. I forced her to make copies for my file that she probably threw away. Her job is to take the info that’s presented and pass it on to an officer to investigate despite what she thinks.

After all, I have the notarized statement by Brenda Deak with copies of the money transfers to buy it but this I was told by Michelle wasn’t proof enough and that I needed the receipt after it was paid for. That info I told her is in Chris’s folder that Erin Gericke is holding hostage along with the extract machine and that if they take my report and go to her house in Cave Junction they will find it all.

Michelle told me they left a message for Deputy Rarey to contact me about this, but as of a week later, no contact, which is not surprising since officer Rarey ignored Mrs. Deaks requests for answers as well when he was the first deputy on the scene that could tell the story of what he found.

Erin also made false claims in an email to Brenda about being Chris’s girlfriend and told her that Chris had proposed to her but Brenda Deak knew better than that, because Chris always put a woman on the phone to talk with her if he were serious about her. The two have never spoken.

Erin claims she broke up with Chris three days before he died. If Rip says it took him two days to find Chris then Erin was there either the day before or the day of his murder. He was found on the 18th @ 9 am but could have died on the seventeenth. So where was Erin on the fifteenth or sixteenth? Erin won’t talk then we ask.

Erin’s premise is hard to believe when Chris was seeing so many different women according to the landlord, Chris’s close friend, and Chris’s phone records. On Chris’s phone found by the landlords in the couch Chris was found on, were Erin, Drai, and Brittanie at the top of his most frequently called list.

Essentially, we have three main people, two as career criminals, all with police records, that are there around the time of Chris’s murder. The coroners ruling should be changed to reflect the truth. Chris’s death was a homicide! Chris’s family should send out the lawyers to get that done for insurance purposes, if anything for accuracy.

Chris was also relieved of a huge sums of cash which coincidently, Drai Beveridge openly displayed several thousands of dollars on his face book page two weeks after Chris’s  murder.

Drai Beveridge’s police records would dictate that he would never earn that kind of cash in his entire life if he didn’t deal it or steal it. Could he be the one who sliced up the interior of Chris’s car looking for something like stashed cash? Chris’s bank account additionally had no money left in it when Mrs. Deak was closing out Chris’s affairs yet Chris was sent here with $60,000 dollars to set up business for his four investors in Boston. Could this be Chris’s money?

Somehow Erin doesn’t understand that Brenda and Edward Deak are the rightful heirs to everything Chris owned period. Erin still has Chris’s personal effects such as birth certificates, financial and website passwords, and receipts for the machine and has failed to return those items to Chris’s brother as she claimed she would do. Two years later this has not been done.

Erin, in an email to Chris’s brother stated she and Chris had to go to Eugene at one point to make a deposit because B of A closed all it’s location except for Eugene and Portland locations. That money was never found. Drai Beveridge has been arrested for forgery, possession of forgery tools, and identity theft while Erin Gericke had all Chris’s information. Chris’s friend also confirmed Drai and Brittanie were there just before Chris’s demise characterizing them as “bad people”, “very bad people”.

Chris had also recently taken possession of a Mercedes that was presumed stolen according to the sheriff who ran the plates. He told Mrs Deak that the plates didn’t match the car and that it was probably stolen. Again, what’s stopping the sheriff from doing his duty?

The Deaks can’t seem to get any closure or investigation or response from the sheriff. The Deaks were told a DEA investigation was conducted but the Deaks have never heard anything in two years. The sheriff said he closed the case in the Jan /10/17 email above and if so what are the results from the DEA or is the case still under investigation?

This purported stolen car is reportedly sitting at Brittanie Fazzone’s grandmothers house in Grants Pass. How did Brittanie come into possession of it? Drai Beveridge and Brittanie Fazzone have been terrorizing, Josephine, Jackson, Douglas, Lane, and Linn counties for many years and no one stops them. Sure, Drai is sitting in prison right now for a year and a half but that really means he will be out in less than a year to start all over again. The revolving doors at some point have to be locked with them inside.

I don’t condone drug use but this heroin epidemic has destroyed many families lives and killed countless people. The potency levels are so high it’s killing even experienced users. Now you might say what do I care about some junkies, but I have to ask, did you ever ask one what he/she did before they became hooked? Chris had a degree in CAD and was one of the top ten tennis players in South Carolina while other people were in the upper echelons of society and lost everything, which is why it could happen to anyone if they make the wrong choice just once. Fentanyl coming from China is a popular and deadly synthetic heroin causing untold deaths that if you inject it even once you are hooked, it’s that addictive.

Another issue is with the marijuana growers because there are too many people moving here too fast, from other states to grow and make some serious money. This means in my opinion that deterants (ordinances) have to be put in place to slow the wave of people and crimes associated with the booming marijuana industry.

In Alaska, if you move there and you are there continuously for three years, on the forth year you and your family are entitled to share in the wealth from the oil fields. Every year every citizen, man, woman, and child, receive a stipend from the state totaling more than a thousand or two dollars to each family member. This same kind of logic could be applied here in Oregon with growers.

If one moves here from another state to grow, one has to be a resident with an Oregons driver license for three years before one can legally grow and must not possess a criminal record. This would slow the rate of crime and population influx that is overwhelming our communities and support systems like welfare and jail beds.

Chris Deak would probably still be alive today if we only limit the amount of growers in our county to citizens who live here for at least three years. Chris was here a little more than a year. It’s a gold rush that’s attracting some of the worst people. The illegal growers can’t wait three years to grow and will move on in my humble opinion..


This story illustrates the urgency for real law enforcement to do their duty to protect life, liberty, and property and to investigate any death in Josephine County no matter how mundane it may appear. It also shows we need to get serious about the influx of people coming here to grow and leave Josephine County holding the bag. Sheriff Daniel flat-out doesn’t perform his duties because he doesn’t understand his job or what he’s up against.

Daniel is the reason the Sugar Pine Mining incident took place because he allowed the BLM into our county who tried to shut down the 140 year old, continuously operating mine. Sheriff Gilbertson kept the feds out of our county as he should, because he knew the UN’s agenda 21 wanted to consolidate, and control all resources on the planet as one of their many objectives for world domination and global government. That means stealing our resources with a loss of sovereignty and Sheriff Daniel was going to let that happen. That’s not defending or protecting the constitution as he was sworn in to do so.

Ask yourself, “is this how I want my loved one’s to be treated in an emergency?” Josephine County deserves much better than Sheriff Daniel. In my opinion vote Jonathan Knapp on Nov 6th, he’s the real deal for sheriff with real sheriff experience.

Chris’s had a picture on his phone of him picking a local flower. On his behalf I titled it “a flower for Mom”. God Bless the Deak Family and I hope this article stirs up more answers for you. For comments or questions for the Deak’s or information leading to arrests contact me at There may be a reward for the right information that can be corroborated that leads to a conviction. Don’t contact the sheriff’s office as they won’t know what you are talking about. I will forward info to the Deak’s or the authorities if it is relevant.

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