Hillary’s State Department lost $6 billion taxpayer dollars

Hillary’s State Department lost $6 billion taxpayer dollars

It was under Wilson, of course, that the first huge parts of the Marxist program, such as the progressive income tax, were incorporated into the American system. —Robert W. Welch, Jr.

America is a land of taxation that was founded to avoid taxation. —Laurence J. Peter

Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut save you thirty cents? —Peg Bracken

Trump Tax Records Illegally Published

On Saturday evening, 1 October 2016, the New York Times, which recently endorsed Hillary Clinton for president, illegally published three pages of Trump’s 1995 income tax documents. To run for President of the United States, revealing your tax returns is unnecessary. The Times’ story is that Trump “declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years.” It is illegal for the IRS to share that information with anyone. It is also illegal for the Times to publish it, yet no one is talking about that.

Taxes are deferred with losses like this, giving the business an opportunity to rebuild, which is exactly what the Trump Organization did under Donald Trump’s leadership.

The New York Times and Hillary Clinton have both used the same provision. Losses in one year carry over and count against whatever gains or income you show in succeeding years. Hillary claimed a $700,000 loss on her taxes in 2015. She is also saying that Trump would get $4 billion by eliminating the estate tax and American citizens get nothing. What Hillary is not telling her supporters is that she’s using the exact same tax provisions on her own taxes. Twisted lies, that’s the mantra with Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary continues to mock Trump about his loss of nearly $1 billion, he needs to ask her to explain exactly how it was that she lost $6 billion taxpayer dollars and has never been held accountable for this loss. The fact is, Mr. Trump’s loss was his own money and Hillary’s loss was our taxpayer dollars. Under her care, a U.S. Ambassador and three other brave Americans lost their lives. She lied repeatedly to their families and the American public about what happened. Her gross mishandling of foreign interferences in other governments has also cost American taxpayers millions! She also spent millions in taxpayer dollars outsourcing American jobs!

The scandal here has nothing to do with Trump’s tax records.

White House Trashed by Bill and Hillary, Artifacts Stolen

There’s another scandal Hillary doesn’t want Trump to talk about. In my last article, I told about a BLM Hillary supporter who defaced the brand new D.C. Trump International Hotel. Why? Because Hillary previously set the example. When the Clintons left the White House in 2001, they not only stole $200,000 worth of furniture, they also stole fine china and artwork, then they defaced White House walls with graffiti, destroyed antique doorknobs, glued desk drawers closed, removed the “w’s” from keyboards, cut electronic cabling, ripped phones out of the walls, and cost the American taxpayers thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Clinton name is synonymous with scandals, and always has been. What Hillary is using is called psychological projection, (accuse others of what you do). For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting. Therein lies the key to Hillary’s attacks on Mr. Trump. She is what she blames Mr. Trump for being, and we have proved it again and again.

Trump Followed the Law

Donald Trump has followed the law. Nobody is even alleging he broke the law. He certainly hasn’t been accused of it by the IRS or anyone else. The media broke the law, and all for Hillary. The reality of this entire scenario is that the lawlessness of the Clintons is everywhere in every event, every day in our country. The real criminal activity is the Clintons’ illegal pay and play for their foundation. This includes their illegal acceptance of payoffs and front monies in advance of Hillary being elected president, while she was secretary of state. And that activity is being fully ignored by the MSM, which is not at all surprising.

Economic Downturn

That Trump was losing money during the early to mid-1990s — a period marked by bankruptcies and poor business decisions in the entire economy, was already well established. He has told this many times, but his wise business practices pulled him out of the decline and put him back on top. What he claimed on his taxes for his company is what any good businessman would do. You use the laws available to you, just like Cuban, Buffet, Soros, and the Clintons. Of course the Clinton’s Foundation monies come from Islamic sources, and the media avoids this subject as well.

The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law is what once governed our great nation, but abject lawlessness is determining the future and it is time it stopped. This is why so many Americans are supporting Donald J. Trump.

“Bottom line is Trump has paid hundreds of millions in property taxes, sales and excise taxes, real estate taxes, city taxes, state taxes, employee taxes and federal taxes, along with very substantial charitable contributions,” the campaign said. “Mr. Trump knows the tax code far better than anyone who has ever run for president and he is the only one that knows how to fix it.”

The MSM has abandoned all journalistic honesty and decency. Their outright goal is to seat Hillary Rodham Clinton in the White House to allow her to totally destroy the country with her Marxist globalist policies.

Tax Ramifications

Donald Trump says, “I am a smart business man.” Some may think this is arrogance, but if it is true, then why can’t he state that fact? An accountant friend wrote the following:

Tax ramifications are only one of many points that are taken into account when making smart business decisions. Everyone has to follow the same IRS rules that Republicans and Democrats have established. To say you are smart because you don’t pay any taxes is ridiculous.

Why does the IRS (aka Republicans and Democrats) allow accelerated write-offs of certain purchased assets? Both parties want to stimulate the economy, so they incentivize companies to make capital investments by allowing them to write them off quicker, thereby reducing their taxes their first year, protecting their capital reserves to reinvestment in more capital equipment which drives the economy and demand for increasing the labor force. It doesn’t mean the company never has to pay taxes; the taxes are just delayed to future years.

It should be easy to rebuff the Democratic notion that Trump doesn’t pay taxes. Typically, taxes can only be deferred on qualified capital investments to a later year unless you have businesses that have gone bad. His advisors should have this answer prepped for him every time this issue comes up.

Gingrich on Fox News with Neil Cavuto

Newt Gingrich had a few words to say regarding the expose of Trump’s taxes. “One difference between Trump and Clinton when it comes to taxes,” Newt Gingrich said, “is Clinton looks at tax revenues like a source of income for herself and her so-called charity, the Clinton Foundation.”

“Trump looks at taxes like most Americans do,” Gingrich said: “a price that must be paid for living in America, but one that should be as low as legally possible.”

“Most Americans agree with the principle that as long as you follow the law, if you can find ways to minimize your taxes, that’s totally legitimate, in fact, part of the American way of life,” Gingrich pointed out.

“Nobody expects you to go out and pay more than your fair share, your fair share is defined by the law.”

NYTs Calls Trump “The Comeback King”

In 1995, the NYTs specifically wrote about the collapse of the real-estate financial markets, and called Donald Trump, “The Comeback King.”

The article focused on the revival of Trump’s business fortunes after a series of missteps in the early 1990s, the same missteps it profiled in its article last weekend.

“Though there are still four years to go in the 90’s, business and government leaders in New York honored Donald J. Trump yesterday for pulling off what they called ‘the comeback of the decade,’” the paper said at the time. “Mr. Trump, the developer who came to epitomize opulent wealth during the 80’s before tumbling into deep financial trouble, has managed to erase much of his debt and is moving ahead with major projects at a time other developers are idling.”

Today though, the NYTs is backing Hillary, and anything they can say to derail Trump or put doubt in his supporters’ minds is the goal of the entire paper.

The Daily Caller writes, The Times is instead vilifying Trump for using his massive business losses as a tax write-off, allowing him to pay the IRS what the law required him to and no more. In the words of the Times, Trump’s adherence to U.S. tax law “relieved him of the burden of paying taxes like everyone else.”


There is nothing here but wise business practices by the Trump Organization. Unfortunately, we’ll never see an expose of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s email servers, Hillary’s destruction of 13 cell phones and 5 IPADS, or any of the other numerous documented corrupt policies and actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the NYTs or any other main stream media.

Yet, when Mr. Trump follows the laws of the land for the Trump Organization, the media vilifies him. The enemies of freedom are using the old mantra of class envy to try to destroy Donald Trump.

He has made his fortune fairly, and has remained inside the laws of the land. The Clintons, on the other hand, have used lies, obfuscation, and deceit to create their fortunes.

There is only one choice for President of the United States of America, and it certainly isn’t the scandal laden Hillary Clinton.

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