Hillary the politician vs. Trump the president

Hillary the politician vs. Trump the president

The debate was structurally biased and Holt biased it. He repeatedly argued with Trump about the facts. Despite the ban on fact-checking, Holt attempted to debate Trump on the Iraq War and on the birth certificate. It was a disgraceful and a biased performance. It is a reminder that the structure of the debates must be changed to prevent mainstream media from dominating it. Every question was shaped to frame a left-wing agenda. Holt hurled numerous attacks at Trump. He only passingly offered Hillary a chance to address her emails when Trump had already brought it up. —Daniel Greenfield

The Biased Debate

I don’t like to watch debates, I never have, and having watched Hillary debate in high school and use tactics that were less than honorable, watching her lie through her teeth during this first debate, was enough to make me wretch. The above quote from Daniel Greenfield is so absolutely true. Lester Holt wanted to debate Trump himself! His bias was obvious as were his softball questions to Hillary. I thought as I watched it, that every time Hillary can’t really answer a question in one sentence or two, she rambles on, and you can tell she’s lying, she’s lying, she’s lying. Fifteen personal questions to Trump and only two to Hillary.

Spiritually Alive Spiritually Dead

Democratic Socialist Moderators

I’ve mentioned in several articles that I’ve wondered why we cannot have someone like Lou Dobbs, Steve Malzberg, Laura Ingraham, Neil Cavuto or Sean Hannity as moderators instead of these Democratic socialists all the time. Unfortunately, Roger Stone told me that once a candidate signs on with the Debate Commission, they have no say as to moderators. We need to get this changed…it’s time our side actually gave some zingers to the candidates from Marxist hell. Sure wish Mr. Trump had been able to use “The Art of the Deal,” to get this changed prior to the debates.

Hillary Promotes Her Socialist Beliefs

Hillary did remain standing, and she didn’t cough or lose concentration. However, if you listened carefully, you heard her strong socialist beliefs come through. She wants to grab the guns, federalize law enforcement, steal from the “rich,” with higher taxes, (sending them and their companies and monies to other nations), play nice with illegals and Muslim refugees, and give away a lot of free stuff with our tax dollars. Anything ring a bell with the audience? Probably not, because the goals of Marxism are no longer taught in American/government schools.

Obvious Lester Holt Bias

Clinton came across as smug, pompous, robotic and rehearsed to the point of memorization. Did anyone besides Devvy Kidd and me notice her drugged out look? The MSM of course saw Hillary as winning the debate, but she is losing ground with voters in swing states according to the Charlotte Observer.

Lester Holt shilled for Hillary Clinton. Obviously, he didn’t want the backlash he saw Matt Lauer receive when he moderated the Commander-in-Chief forum and actually allowed questions from the audience which put Hillary in a very uncomfortable state.

Rudy Giuliani asserted that Holt was “extremely unfair” and that his “fact checking” every time Hillary said the word “fact,” or the one time she mentioned, “fact check,” showed Holt’s obvious bias, especially over the “stop and frisk” issue which was completely inaccurate. Rudy should know, as he was the Mayor of New York when it was used.

The Daily Caller analysis said that Mr. Trump was interrupted 41 times by Lester Holt whereas he only interrupted Hillary seven times.

Holt really wanted to debate Trump, and challenged him six times on his answers, but Hillary was asked no follow up questions throughout the entire debate.

The Washington Times, agreed with me that Trump was forced to debate Lester Holt as well as Hillary.

The bottom line is that Holt was much harsher on Trump than Hillary, and anyone who watched could see the obvious bias. Holt only mentioned Hillary’s email scandal when he asked Hillary to respond to Trump rather than crafting a tough question himself.

The Donald needed to bring up Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, and the entire Hillary email debacle, but wasn’t really given an opportunity.

Neil Cavuto exposed the bias of Lester Holt in this video where he shows that Donald Trump never supported the war in Iraq, an issue Trump had to defend against Holt.

Hillary Lies

Hillary Clinton’s litany of lies throughout the first presidential debate had me screaming at the television. Another reason my husband refuses to even watch them, they’re so scripted! Let’s just look at a few.

The TPP Trade Deal – When confronted by Trump about her former strong support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Clinton claimed that she “hoped it would be good deal.” The truth of course is that she called it the “gold standard” of trade deals, just as Trump stated. As Secretary of State, Hillary championed
TPP 24 times.

Hillary Clinton defended NAFTA, which her husband signed into law, and the accompanying unemployment as a good trade deal, in the face of attacks by Donald Trump. He said, “NAFTA is the worst trade deal maybe ever signed anywhere but certainly ever signed in this country, and now you want to approve Trans-Pacific Partnership.” Trump also cited the 30-50 percent reduction in manufacturing in key states as being more than just an opinion.

Equal Pay for Women – In her opening statement, Hillary asserted that the nation needs to “finally guarantee equal pay for equal work” for women. The notion that women on average do not receive the same pay as men — the 77 cents to a dollar myth — has been proven false repeatedly. Women seldom work as long as men, and the statistic is a false one since it is already illegal to pay women less than men for the same position.

Tax the Wealthy – Really interesting Hillary, especially since while Secretary of State, you have colluded with foreign dignitaries to help them out if they make large donations to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary advocates raising taxes on the wealthy because she doesn’t believe they pay enough. “I think it’s time to suggest that the wealthy pay their fair share,” she said.

The truth is that America has the most progressive tax system in the world — the top 10 percent contribute over half of all income tax revenue…and the top 10% are the ones who use their money to create businesses and jobs, but jobs aren’t really important to Hillary.

Slashing Taxes – Hillary Clinton claimed that “slashing taxes on the wealthy hasn’t worked.” Her comment implied that slashing taxes on the wealthy is why the economy is in such poor shape currently. What a strange statement considering Obama has been in office for the better part of eight years and has increased taxes, and never thought of slashing them.

Anyone remember what Democrat President John F. Kennedy said about lowering taxes?

Kennedy proposed in 1963 to cut income taxes from a range of 20-91% to 14-65% He also proposed a cut in the corporate tax rate from 52% to 47%. Those figures for the early 60s are astronomical. Economic growth expanded in 1963, and Republicans and conservative Democrats in Congress insisted that reducing taxes without corresponding spending cuts was unacceptable. Kennedy disagreed, arguing that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and that strong economic growth would not continue without lower taxes. He was right.

Lowering Corporate Tax Rates – Hillary said: “We’ve looked at your tax proposals. I don’t see changes in the corporate tax rates … you’re referring to that would cause the repatriation.” Well, Hill, you didn’t look closely enough now did you… Trump’s plan to lower corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 15 is written quite clearly on the economic plan posted on his website.

The Rotten Iran Deal – Ms. Hillary also claimed that in being party to the Iran deal she helped “put the lid on Iran’s nuclear program.” But sources claim the deal guarantees no such thing. Indeed, it rests entirely on Iran’s acting in good faith and upholding their end of the bargain. Are the American people ready to trust the Iranian Ayatollah who has stated time and again, “Death to America?” I’m certainly not, and giving away billions of dollars to this country who funds terrorist Islamic regimes, is beyond insane. Read General Michael Flynn’s book, The Field of Fight.

Hillary’s Emails – Hillary said, “I made a mistake using a private email.” But she didn’t use a private email, she used multiple private email servers. She implied that she didn’t know she’d done anything wrong, but she was trained for two hours by the FBI before taking over the job of Secretary of State!

The word “mistake” implies Clinton didn’t know she was doing anything wrong, a claim belied entirely by the fact that so many of her aides and associates pleaded the Fifth or were granted immunity by the FBI — not to mention the fact that many of them engaged in the destruction of evidence and that she herself made false exculpatory statements. (Remember the 13 cell phones and five IPADS destroyed by hammers).

Vladimir Putin

Clinton also claimed that “Donald publicly invited Putin to hack into
Americans.” The truth, as is obvious from the context of his words, is that Trump was calling on the Russians to release Clinton’s missing emails in the event that they already had them. He has never said he personally likes Putin, a lie put out by the MSM and Hillary. He has said that he believes he could work with Putin, and that there would be mutual respect because they are both strong leaders with spines of steel, unlike what we have in our White House now. Trump strongly believes that the two of them could have mutual respect, but that’s a lot different than honoring the former KGB man as Hillary insinuates.


Trump covered all the important messages asked in the debate, and he should have brushed aside the nitpicking and ignored it because the entire hour was spent attacking Trump.

Hillary may have looked as though she held her own against Donald J. Trump, but the reality of this debate is that she proved her complete disregard for truth and she lied through her teeth to the American people. Did she have the questions in advance? Who knows…a few websites believe she did.

Look people, the day of the first debate, the powers that be shut down Michael Savage’s affiliates when he started to speak about Hillary’s illnesses. We are living in a censoring tyrannical government like that of Communist Mikhail Gorbachev, the Baathist Saddam Hussein government, Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania, or the Peoples’ Republic of China. We should be shouting at the top of our lungs…The First Amendment of the Constitution is a God given unalienable right…the right to speak the truth as you see it.

CNN, (Clinton News Network) said that Hillary won the debate, but bottom line, all the polls say Trump won, (see today’s JB William’s article for all the Poll Results) despite the purposeful setup for destruction by the socialists in cahoots with Hillary. Trump has actually gained votes in the swing states.

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Author Email: Proverbs133@bellsouth.net

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