Gov. Kate Brown to distribute 1.6 billion dollars of stimulus to Portland, Multnomah, and Washington counties, nothing for the rest of the state

Gov. Kate Brown to distribute 1.6 billion dollars of stimulus to Portland, Multnomah, and Washington counties, nothing for the rest of the state

By John Marshall

Governor Kate Brown has recently announced that she is extending the horribly imposing and unconstitutional lockdown until July 6th which just so happens, will conveniently interfere with our annual celebration of Independence Day. Kate Brown who was born in Spain may not care about Independence Day but to millions of Americans and vets it holds a very special meaning.

The lockdown in Oregon must end sooner than later because the abuse of our rights and livelihoods is being stripped away daily.

One would think Governor Brown must have a death wish for the state hoping it will go into bankruptcy because that’s exactly what will happen if this covid19 fiasco goes on into July.

Local businesses here in Josephine County are forced into opening in defiance of the governors’ authoritarian order and justifiably so, because she has no authority to violate our God given rights to survive, worship, pray, or to gather for assembly and protest. Any rational person knows you quarantine the sick not the healthy. Our rights are not amended for a virus.

Days ago Kate Brown has taken another tyrannical step by taking the 1.6 billion dollars of stimulus money and allotting it to the Portland area, Washington and Multnomah counties ignoring all the rural counties. With this she is protecting her democratic base and telling conservatives to go pound sand. So what does that mean for conservative local businesses? Lawsuits must be filed!

Jackson county commissioners were told by Gov Brown that she would not distribute the funds beyond Multnomah and Washington counties and Portland. So all this time that we have been on lockdown we get the proverbial finger from the governor?

She leaves us with no choice but to open up Southern Oregon in defiance of her draconian orders. If she sends in enforcers, we then have to defend ourselves legally and lawfully.

To add; her original order was placed on March 23rd and is only good for 30 days after which by law it is reviewed and expires unless legislative action is taken and it has not to date of this article. She therefore has abused her power and cannot extend her authoritarian order legally.

We surely don’t need a nanny state watching over us. We need our money Governor Brown or we will go broke in Southern Oregon. My question is, is she the governor of the whole state or just the part where her minion constituents live?

AG Barr has stated he will be looking into the corruption of theses authoritarian governors and their unconstitutional authoritarian actions.

Kate Brown also recently implemented the fraudulent carbon taxes by executive order, (even after Trump pulled us from the Paris Accords) and by doing so, she by-passed voters and state legislatures which if implemented could turn out to be the long nail in the coffin of Oregon’s economy. That is by no means representation of our taxation.

Republicans in Salem walked out because they know carbon taxes are a sham and not good for Oregon so Gov Brown went rogue and implemented them herself. To implement carbon taxes and limit carbon emissions is like saying we want to suffocate you; because it limits the ability for plants to take in carbon dioxide in order to release oxygen thereby making less oxygen available for us to breathe forcing us to live in lower altitudes at the highest concentrations of oxygen near the coasts prescribed in agenda 21. The globalists are maniacal.

It’s obvious she wants the globalist agenda in Oregon. One sure way for the globalist to bring America down is to collapse our economy to usher in poverty and despair, they can then introduce socialism which later turns into communism. It’s in all the globalist papers as part of their master plan using a pandemic to control people. Therefore, this virus is serving the authoritarian governors rather well.

Oregon is currently ranked 40th in total cases and deaths. Most of those deaths are in the northern liberal part of the state near Portland and Salem otherwise, there are only a handful of deaths in Southern Oregon with only one death in Josephine County; an 81 year old man who officials claimed was the result of COVID19.

That’s one death in 87,393 people in Jo Co which comes out to 0.000011442% of the population shut down Josephine County? That’s irrational at best, irresponsible in the least for our sheriffs, police, and medical system to go along with this charade without research.

This state started its lock down when there were only a couple of cases in Josephine County and zero deaths. Now with Josephine County having very little impact on the statewide numbers with only one death we still have to remain locked down like criminals until July 6th? Not acceptable! Again conservative southern Oregon pays for the liberal’s part of the state but now we get zero stimulus money to boot.

The County Commissioners must do their due diligence and call Kate Brown and tell her she’s out of line, and that the economy will tank if not opened with stimulus money to help open Southern Oregon.

A class action suit of multiple counties may have to be started. Churches have already started a lawsuit against Brown with the numbers increasing every day. Last count 10+ churches have joined the lawsuit and three thousand churches in California are suing Gov. Newsom.

The Oregonian has come out with an update to COVID-19 with no new deaths but 45 more people are infected. Does anybody follow the flu like this?

Just counting the death rate of 109 in Oregon vs. population represents less than 1% @ 0.00002725% of the population has shut down Oregon, so why the continued unnecessary draconian lockdown unless there’s an ulterior motive.

Some local businesses are implementing their own kind of tyranny by herding people like cattle with taped off poles into the same confined entrance and exits thereby violating their own social distancing orders. They claim they are just following orders but most of this is made up as they go along. Following the orders of a tyrant isn’t a wise thing to do.

There are these signs being posted around town saying “everything will be okay”, these signs are so insulting like we’re in need of a pat on the head. The nanny state signs are telling people who are losing jobs, businesses and their very livelihood that everything is going to be okay, this is an insult to the rational mind that uses logic and knows the score.

Think for yourself business owners and managers because Kate Brown has given you the proverbial finger on receiving any stimulus money. Think about it, do you do all of this for the flu which is more contagious and kills twice as many people every year?

The ignorant and irrational hysteria is off the hook with most people I see in public. Maybe they can try turning off their TV’s and start reading the real research that doesn’t involve the main stream media who are complicit in this scamdemic. After all, if you think it’s so serious to wear a mask in public then I would think a little research should be in order to stay safe right.

Gov Kate Brown must have an ulterior motive beyond our freedoms and this state’s welfare. When I watch the events unfold, like the orchestrated moves, and timing by these authoritarian governors’, media, and government reeks of a worldwide conspiracy.

To get the proper perspective one only has to think, Spy-gate before Trump was in office, then Russian-gate, impeachment-gate, and now pandemic-gate. It’s the same players, with the same motives to remove Trump and his record economy from our republic as they make their move to unleash their unconstitutional Marxist tyranny on us all.

If this is a dry run for the soon to be more real communist invasion then we better get really mad and do something right now or we are inviting in deep trouble and civil war.  Joe Biden has said recently that “this virus is the perfect opportunity to fundamentally change America”. We surely don’t want the kind of change Obama was, and Biden is, pushing which is authoritarianism, better known as Marxism. No thanks, there’s plenty of examples of that coming from Salem and DC already.

China definitely has some complicity and motives for this because since Trump restructured trade with China their economy was going into the dumpers (after decades of using and abusing American industry and prospering) that is, until this outbreak conveniently came along. Now China has announced they are back open for business.

China being mostly responsible for this intentional outbreak is going to have to be held accountable for this bio-weapons attack on the world. The military, when asked would tell you this was an act of worldwide bio-warfare.

It looks to be intentional, because so many people are in lock step with this con-game that it can’t be an accident. It’s too well coordinated at all levels of government, media, and the medical industrial complex. It s like they are trying way too hard to convince us this is real.

Moreover, Dr Fauci the president’s leftist Hillary loving advisor on his task force violated the law (a moratorium) put in place by DHS in 2015 stating, “Research on the corona virus was too risky and dangerous and that it might cause a pandemic”.

So Dr. Fauci knowing this (who sits on the Gates Foundation board with Dr. Birx) circumvented US law and outsourced the research to Wuhan labs in China by giving them 3.7 million US tax dollars to continue the research and studies. We basically paid for our own pandemic.

We would all be enjoying the spring and approaching summer right now if Dr. Fauci hadn’t intentionally broke the law and started the pandemic snowball rolling.

Earlier Dr. Fauci made a supposed prediction in 2017 that this president would face a “surprise outbreak” during his term in office. How did he know that years in advance you may ask? Well, Dr. Fauci, as stated earlier started the research, and by doing so he was actually making a veiled threat not a prediction to the American public and our duly elected president in 2017. Dr. Fauci now says a second outbreak is coming so what does he know? The DOJ should interrogate him immediately.

He should be arrested and indicted for violating US law and committing an act of war, yet he is dictating to Americans what happens next during this pandemic, that’s outrageous. Trump now knows about the 3.7 million dollars and is cleaning house on the task force. Hopefully, for our sake Fauci is one of them.

It just seems a little odd that every time some tragedy comes along all the so called experts are from the left, to only find out later, it’s the same side the tragedy started from. And while the left continues to call everyone a conspiracy theorist they are actively engaged in a conspiracy against, we the people, the constitution, and America. This is a very important short video to watch.

Bill Gates who is not elected by anyone nor holds any office has a major stake in this too because he’s a eugenicist who likes to acquire and engineer viruses to test them out on unsuspecting Africans killing millions with his vaccines.

Bill and Melinda Gates are heavily connected to big pharma who love to be the ones to profit from their deaths. Africans are the Gates foundation proving ground to perfect his formulas for the future of America. Africans now run and hide from them whenever they hear about the UN vaccinations coming.

Gates brags on video about killing off millions worldwide with his vaccines. Gates father was the director for Planned Parenthood for years. It seems killing the innocent is a family tradition. The Gates should be held responsible as well.

Many people have said this pandemic can be a ploy to initiate mandatory vaccinations. That’s always been the plan. I’m sure many ignorant Americans will out of panic and fear, flock to get vaccinated. Those will be the first casualties then the mandatory vaccinations will begin for the rest of us who are awake if we let this fraud continue.

Let’s take a look at the Corona virus numbers from the CDC’s own website in comparison to the flu outbreak.

So far this season, the CDC estimates between 39 million and 56 million flu illnesses, at least 410,000 hospitalizations, and as many as 62,000 deaths from flu in the US representing 0.0001896% of the population dying.

On the other hand at this time covid19 has much fewer illnesses and deaths are at 39,910 nationwide and that represents 0.000122% of the US population has died.

Why in God’s name are these ridiculously low numbers shutting down America? One thing for sure they couldn’t do it without the press and fake models from the two Gates foundation board members Dr’s Fauci and Birx who are also heading up the task force.

UPDATE; How do these numbers justify a pandemic or locking up the economy? They don’t, because the flu kills far more people every year and is more contagious than this man made virus and they don’t declare a pandemic for the flu.

Which brings me to my next point; a man made virus cannot live without a host. If the host dies so does the virus. Therefore, it can’t become airborne nor can it live on surfaces for more than a couple of minutes. This over-reaction or panic resembles the hysteria around the arrival of the AIDS man made virus in the early eighties where people were saying you could catch it from a toilet seat, all of course proved wrong.

This information is in stark contrast to the hyped propaganda put out by the media to instill fear in the minds of ignorant Americans saying the virus can live on surfaces and is airborne hence the masks and distancing. It’s a virus and it doesn’t have legs to jump unless you cough or sneeze on someone so social distancing is a farce in that it’s no different than the flu. As for the flu most people stay home when they’re sick and that works just fine so why not for this virus that is less contagious than the flu?

If a person took the same precautions as they do every year for the flu that would work just fine for this man made virus as well. Things like boosting one’s immune system with, exercise, antioxidants, and supplemental intake are very easy to accomplish. The medical industrial complex of course doesn’t want you thinking about boosting your immune system.

Furthermore, hospitals that are testing people are finding many of the people tested are showing they already have the immunities in their blood which means they have had it before and obviously survived which also means it’s not a novel (new) virus. Testing positive doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sick it could also mean you may have the immunity which also tests positive in the lab.

From Wiki, (SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is a respiratory disease of unknown etiology originating in mainland China in 2003: Characterized by fever and coughing or difficulty breathing or hypoxia; it’s related to the corona virus). The corona virus has actually been around for decades and this is just the latest weaponized version of SARS essentially.

Most of the deaths from Covid19 were attributed to people with compromised immune systems or a preexisting condition such as diabetes and the elderly, the same people who die from the flu each year in only half the numbers.

The globalists are also padding the numbers by telling hospitals that if they test a person three times and they die, that counts as three deaths.

Additionally, WHO intentionally exaggerated the numbers saying 3.4% was the fatality rate when it was less than .01% at that time. The W.H.O. director was fear mongering the minds of the ignorant to kick off this plandemic for the globalist. The director general, of W.H.O it turns out, is a comrade to communism also.

So you can see Kate Brown has joined forces with the world corruption to the point that she has gone to a whole new level of tyranny, beyond her putting contractors in positions of government assuring a monopoly for that contractor then resulting in kickbacks, or beyond being indicted for murder by the Grand Jury of the Northern District of NY for the murder of Lavoy Finicum, and beyond spending tax payer money to travel to her native Spain and Europe.

During this outbreak Governor Kate Brown and most of the democrat governors and some republican (rino) governors have shown their true colors to the American public and they’re not red, white, and blue.

November will be the time to vote them ALL out (if not recalled beforehand) that is if they don’t steal this election like they did the last several elections here in Oregon with our flawed paper ballot system. The same type Gavin Newsom wants to implement in California perhaps because it’s worked so well for Oregon.

In this paper ballot system the votes are harvested, by throwing out the one’s they don’t want and getting illegal’s to fill out more for the people they do want in. Gov Newsom no doubt has plenty of illegals to choose from and will probably have to send a few our way for Brown.

It begs the question though, where’s our receipt for our vote to question the count? I guess we’ll have to take pictures of our ballots before sending or delivering them if we want more accountability for now. If every voter took pictures of their vote (names removed) and sent them into a certain unbiased monitored website for county/country wide counting, we could fact check the elections. People can also audit your own local elections just ask your clerk’s office or elections center how that’s done.

This isn’t about a virus or keeping Americans (that they want to kill) safe. It’s just a tool for eugenics and another seditious coup attempt at overthrowing our government making Kate Brown and all authoritarian governors complicit in this seditious criminal scheme.

We now know we cannot depend on our governing leadership or medical industry to open their eyes and call out this scam or any future calamity for what it is because they make money off skewing the numbers and playing along with the hoax.

Gov. Kate Brown is owned by the globalist operation just as they own the media, the medical industrial complex, and many other politicians, to spread their tyranny worldwide.

God save America!

© 2020 John Marshall – All Rights Reserved

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