Fired city manager David Frasher, lies, and the Daily Courier

Fired city manager David Frasher, lies, and the Daily Courier

GRANTS PASS , OREGON. —August 13th 2015, Oregon City, City Manager David Frasher, according to the Oregonian has been placed on administrative leave by a unanimous vote of the commissioners. The commissioners hired retired Oregon Supreme Court Justice W. Michael Gillette to conduct an investigation into what the commission described as a non-criminal complaint. In 2013 the Oregon City commission gave David Frasher a five year contract.

With the known history of David Frasher and his firing as City Manager of Grants Pass, is it a stretch to say he’s once again up to his old tricks of lies, deception, and bully intimidation? According to anyone who has dealt with David Frasher they know he has a consistent and long history of violent, intimidating, unprofessional, and inappropriate behavior. He had all the people fooled, except the 5 councilors that were falsely recalled based on Frasher’s lies.

In 2009 the Daily Courier namely Dennis Roler defended Frasher trying to make the city council look bad by suggesting the councilors should reveal the reason why he was fired, when Roler knew good and well that they were threatened with a lawsuit if they told anything about his firing, all the while the paper was directly involved in the wrongful recall of the people’s city councilors. Today, Dennis Roler is a city council member.

Josephine County Citizens lied to about David Frasher

Mayors from the two cities where Frasher was previously employed and subsequently fired as city manager have stated that they never spoke to Grants Pass detective Runyon (who was hired to investigate (cover-up) Frasher) and other public officials in those locations stated the same. One former attorney for the city of Oak Grove, Missouri stated, “It has taken us ten years to recover from David Frasher’s destructive actions. Should we presume that Runyon and those who directed his investigation, or lack thereof, had made their decision to hire Frasher in order to promote their socially engineered agenda without a proper investigation whatsoever? Absolutely…”

The Sin of Omission

In an recent Courier front page story about Frasher’s dilemma in Oregon City, the Courier mentioned that Frasher previously worked for City of Ashland, WI., and City of Oak Grove, MO., but failed to mention to their readers that Frasher was fired there as well. Why is that? In the Biblical terms it’s called “The Sin of Omission.” Meaning, it’s not what you print or say, its what you leave out that confounds the readers.

According to witnesses in Ashland, WI., and Oak Grove, MO., David Frasher pulled these same strong-arm tactics while employed as city manager in those communities, making sure to use the correct verbiage (harassment, hostile work environment) that he has used with the Grants Pass City Council in order to set the stage for a lawsuit.

The city council in 2010, with five newly appointed members (aka as the God Squad) by then mayor Mike Murphy, changed Frasher’s firing to a resignation to clean up his resume all with the help of a local judge.

Clearly this guy is a menace to any city government and had the Daily Courier been the people’s watch dog instead of a government shill and reported on this in an honest fashion, then maybe Oregon City would not be dealing with the likes of David Frasher. Again, in a recent article by the Courier they conveniently forgot to mention he was fired by Grants Pass but instead reported he was employed by Grants Pass which perpetuates the cover-up again.

Is the Courier still intimidated by Frasher much as the city council was when they tried to tell the truth and was successfully intimidated into silence by the threat of lawsuit in 2009? Will the Courier ever stop editing the view of reality when it comes to local government? We the people have a right to know what our government is doing or not doing and in the past the Daily Courier has failed miserably at being the peoples watch dog.

Beware city governments everywhere who may soon have David Frasher as an applicant. He interviews well. On the surface he comes off as charming, smart, and experienced. He successfully conceals his duel personalities – rude, vile, angry and threatening – a predator bully who loves to sue people for attempting to reveal the truth about his unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. Hiring him will cost your city thousands of dollars in lawsuits that he will bring upon you to insure your silence if he feels threatened. Oregon City, should kick him to the curb before it is too late.

Sources: The Oregonian, The US~Observer, The Daily Courier.

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