Donald J. Trump wins RNC nomination for president

Donald J. Trump wins RNC nomination for president

“I believe that if the people of this nation fully understood what Congress has done to them over the last 49 years, they would move on Washington; they would not wait for an election… It adds up to a preconceived plan to destroy the economic and social independence of the United States!” —George W. Malone, U.S. Senator (Nevada), speaking before Congress in1957

The above quote illustrates what the Donald Trump campaign has fought against since he announced his campaign for president. The globalist cabal promoted by our elected politicians has been in force for decades, working slowly towards the New World Order. Along comes Mr. Donald Trump who, over his own lifetime, has watched the progression of our nation’s destruction, and decided it needed to be stopped.

What has resulted is a movement in America that has awakened the silent grassroots folks who love this country and who felt they were helpless in figuring out how to stop the decline of our beloved country.

At every step, Mr. Trump has had to fight the powers-that-be, and he will continue to have to fight them. The people have spoken however, and their choice, in numbers never seen before, is resolutely for The Donald. The Convention is under way.

Protestors, Violence, and Protection

There was great concern over the impending violence that could result from a huge gathering of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Black Panthers who were funded and sent by the Soros gang to disrupt the convention. Obviously, the forecasted amount of protestors didn’t show up. Once the ACLU, hired by Roger Stone, won their case against the City of Cleveland regarding permits and areas, the balloon of possible dissension was popped.

Prior to the start of the Convention, I saw an article in the NYTs regarding Gov. Kasich stating that firearms would not be restricted at the Convention. I sent it to Mr. Stone and asked him if this was true. He wrote back and said, “Yes, don’t worry, we are heavily armed.”

Stone’s speech was magnificent at the “Citizens for Trump” rally. He said, “Unity is a misnomer, this is the elites versus Donald Trump and the American people.”

Bikers for Trump showed up in droves to protect the pro-Trump rally folks, and were seen on the highways leading to Cleveland on Sunday and early Monday morning. I know the pro-Trump folks were very glad to see them. Thank you bikers!

Anti-Trump Delegates Shut Down

After a voice vote on a resolution, the RNC and Trump campaign won out over the “NeverTrump” gang who were promoting Cruz. The RNC blocked a roll call vote on the convention rules, which virtually guarantees Mr. Trump the party nomination by requiring delegates to vote in accordance with their state’s primary or caucus results. Yes, this was already won in court, but the diehards like Cruz supporter, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, wanted a roll call vote on the rules. Lee is no conservative; no matter what people choose to believe. Scroll to the bottom of this article and read about the real Mike Lee.

Colorado delegate, Kendall Unruh, had planned to sabotage not only Mr. Trump, but the American electorate who chose Mr. Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. The delegates leading the 11th hour rebellion were infuriated. Two states actually left the convention hall, Colorado and Iowa.

Trump critics were unlikely to be able to vote down the rules, even with a roll-call vote, and even less likely to achieve their ultimate goal of replacing the rules with ones that “unbound” pledged delegates. Their main purpose was to voice their displeasure with Mr. Trump, but if they claim they’re true conservatives, why are they displeased? The reality of this is they are establishment globalist Republicans. [Link]

The Daily Themes of the Convention

• Monday was “Make America Safe Again,” and was loaded with fabulous speakers, the highlight of the evening being Melania Trump’s speech about her husband.
• Tuesday is “Make America Work Again.”
• Wednesday is “Make America First Again.”
• Thursday is “Make America One Again.”

Each day is loaded with some wonderful speakers, and some speakers we’d probably mute the TV for, ahem. Listening on CSPAN is the best.

First Day Convention Speakers

For the first day’s theme, Making America Safe Again, the speakers were spectacular.

The place was packed with delegates! Thanks to our former Knox County, TN sheriff, Delegate for Mr. Trump from TN, we have all these great pictures!

What an amazing line up! Willy Robertson gave an absolutely wonderful and humorous speech regarding his support of Donald J. Trump.

Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, spoke with strength and bluntness against Hillary Clinton and the death of her son Sean, in Benghazi. She blamed Hillary Clinton, and she was right. The audience was moved to tears.

SEAL Marcus Leutrell spoke about why he is supporting Donald Trump.

Parents whose children were murdered by illegal aliens made impassioned speeches to the delegates.

Sheriff David Clarke’s impassioned Convention speech was one that made the crowds cheer. The delegates love this man for his courage and his support of Mr. Trump. His first sentence was, “I’d like to make something very clear, BLUE LIVES MATTER.”

John Tiegen and Mark Geist of the U.S. Marine Corps gave a speech about what happened at Benghazi. It was horrifying and illuminating.

Border Agent, Brian Kelly, was shot in the back resulting from the “Fast and Furious” gun running operation by the Obama Administration. His brother and sister, Kent and Terry Kelly, spoke from the border of Arizona about the loss of their brother, and why our borders need to be sealed.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions gave a rousing speech endorsing Mr. Trump for President. Sen. Sessions was my first choice for Trump’s vice president.

Next up was the amazingly exuberant former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani. He enthralled the audience with his fiery speech for Mr. Trump. Rudy told that he was breaking a promise to Donald, and told about how every time New York had a tragedy, Donald Trump was there to help, and never took any credit for it. He also thanked Cleveland for their police protection during the Convention.

Melania Trump was up next. She gave a beautiful and impassioned speech about America, her people, the movement created by her husband, and the next few months run for the presidency. She was poised and gracious. The first thing we heard this morning was out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth claiming Melania’s speech writers plagiarized her words from the speech of Michelle Obama.

Campaign Manager, Paul Manafort, said, “This is once again an example of when a woman threatens Hillary Clinton, she seeks to demean her and take her down. It’s not going to work against Melania Trump.”

The leftists actually said, “Melania Trump is a dumb bitch who can’t speak English.” Excuse me “tolerant” leftists, but Melania Trump speaks five languages fluently. How well do all your beloved Islamic refugees and illegal immigrants speak English? Huh? American patriots understood her perfectly. And, she came to America legally and became an American citizen.

Sorry, liberals, but Melania Trump did not plagiarize anything from Michelle Obama’s speech, and here is why.

Every 4 years, a first lady, or potential first lady, stands on stage at their convention and talks about the same subjects: upbringing, values and family.

Go back and look at Laura Bush’s speech, Nancy Reagan, and even Hillary when she was first lady and you’ll find the same type of comments.

In a speech Hillary Clinton gave in 2014 for the New American foundation, Hillary spoke of the same values saying, “My mother and father gave us a middle-class life with opportunities she never could have imagined for herself, but which she always believed could be possible for her children. And that was a great gift that I will be forever grateful for, and then Bill and I of course worked hard to pass on those values to our daughter.”

Mrs. Trump used words that anyone would use in describing her family and how she was raised. It is a bizarre attempt to discredit one of the most brilliant women we could ever have as a first lady, but that is typical of the left and the globalist cabal. What is most irksome is the fact that former Campaign Manager, Corey Lewandowski actually believed the plagiarism tale and said that the speech writers should be held accountable. C’mon people, you really think they’d copy from Michelle Obama?

Melania Trump was truly the highlight of the evening. From the convention floor comes this photo from Delegate Tim Hutchison, former sheriff of Knox County, TN.

Retired LTG Michael T. Flynn gave the final speech I listened to, and again it was one that was very strong on the theme of the day, Make America Safe Again. The Islamic terrorists in this world are a huge danger to freedom and liberty, and Flynn knows this nation is the greatest country in the history of the world, and we need to sustain her. He said we cannot sit this election out. LTG Flynn said, “As a citizen, veteran, patriot and American, the American people must stand tougher and stronger together against any ideology of any people or any nation that attacks America, America’s way of life, and our proud heritage of fearlessness.” LTG Flynn was my second choice for VP.

Tuesday night’s Delegate votes:

Senator Jeff Sessions nominated Donald J. Trump for President with a wonderful speech, followed by two morn seconds to the nomination.

Trump 1725 Delegates
Cruz 475 Delegates
Rubio 114 Delegates
Kasich 120 Delegates
Carson 7 Delegates
Jeb Bush 3 Delegates
Rand Paul 2 Delegates


Donald J. Trump is the Republican candidate for United States President.

Here is the line-up of speakers for the next three days of the Convention ending with the acceptance speech by Donald John Trump as the 2016 Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

[P.S. In order to wake up the population, we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Rush Limbaugh) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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