Democrat controlled city of Cleveland grants Trump haters permits to RNC convention

Democrat controlled city of Cleveland grants Trump haters permits to RNC convention

I have learned to hate all traitors, and there is no disease that I spit on more than treachery. —Aeschylus

I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within. —General Douglas MacArthur

Ohio Governor John Kasich

Treachery does abound, especially by Governor John Kasich of Ohio, who undoubtedly has a voice in what transpires at the July RNC Convention in Cleveland. Before we delve into the machinations at the Ohio Convention, let’s review Governor John R. Kasich’s policies.

Kasich is no conservative Republican, and never has been. When in Congress, he voted for NAFTA that killed jobs in his own state. Kasich came out in support of Obama’s Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement during the fourth GOP primary debate hosted by Fox Business, saying the deal is “critical.” So far, Ohio has lost 112,500 jobs to TPP. In 1994, when he was a US Congressman, John Kasich proudly voted for the Clinton Gun and Magazine ban. He believes illegal aliens should have a path to citizenship, and he accepted the Medicaid expansion under the Obamacare bill for the State of Ohio. [Link] Kasich paints a wonderful picture of Common Core that would be nice, if only it were rooted in reality. [Link] What a joke! Democrat or better yet, a socialist, belongs behind this governor’s name!

So knowing just these few tidbits about John Kasich, would you expect graciousness to the presumptive Republican nominee, especially knowing Donald Trump’s policies are the polar opposites of Kasich’s?

Permits Granted to Anti-Trump Groups

The City of Cleveland, Ohio has granted permits to 20 Anti-Trump individuals and groups who want to publicly demonstrate during the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Want more information? Contact the Mayor’s office by E-Mail. For more contact information and telephone number click here.

What is even more diabolical, is that a confined protest parade space will leave protesters from opposing sides together in Cleveland and competing for rally space on a first-come, first-serve basis. Yet, to date, only anti-Trump permits have been issued.

Here is the recently released list of groups who have received permits for protests at the Convention.

Among this list is the virulently anti-gay, anti-soldier, Kansas-based group, Westboro Baptist Church, founded by now deceased, Fred Phelps. Why any city would grant a permit to this filth is absolutely beyond me. The first amendment seems to be granted to the vilest of groups, yet Christian or patriotic groups are shunned.

Others receiving permits include, Code Pink (A United Nation’s Non-Governmental Organization), League of Women Voters (pro-aborts, pro-climate change, pro-gun control), and the 50 member, Stand Together Against Trump, whose big focus is on snuggling up with Muslims and illegal immigrants.

Not to be denied, Rose Hamid, is another terrorist-supporting Muslim who is masquerading as a good American!

Note her usage of similitude with the “Star of David” patch proclaiming Muslim, rather than Jude as it did in Nazi Germany. Portraying herself as though Islamists have suffered what European Jews suffered with the Nazis in WWII is heinous.

Walid Shoebat reported:

Hamid is president of the nonprofit Muslim Women of the Carolinas. Their Facebook page is here. She is associated with several groups, including the Muslim American Society(MAS) of NC, CAIR, and the Islamic Society of Charlotte. The MAS is a front for the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR is an internationally recognized terrorist organization. The Islamic Society of Charlotte has ties to the infamous Holy Land Foundation Terrorist Financing case, as has been reported by the Carolina Journal Online.

One of the fund-raising groups that had connections to North Carolina was the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which formerly was based in Richardson, Texas. The Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets named the charity a specially designated terrorist organization and shut it down in 2001.

The foundation was a front organization for Hamas and sponsored offices and fund-raisers nationwide, including in Charlotte. The foundation was one of the largest Islamic charities in the United States, raising about $13 million annually.

See my previous article for more information on the Holy Land Foundation.

ACLU of Ohio Files Lawsuit

Roger Stone, confidant and advisor to Mr. Trump, has apparently helped guide the ACLU in this suit. They are upset over complaints of a lack of permit granting and a restrictive “event zone.” The Daily Caller article, Documents Reveal RNC Convention Protesters Are Set Up For Confrontation, explains the details of the ACLU lawsuit, and the obvious bias of those issuing the permits.

Roger Stone told the Daily Caller, “It is also a combustible mix to force Trump supporters and paid agitators into the limited space allowed as what they propose is a recipe for violence.” Anyone who has permits from the City are guaranteed protection by law enforcement.

Trump Supporters Being Gagged

Roger Stone is absolutely correct in stating that Trump supporters are being gagged by the Democratic machine, not to mention abridging the first and fourth amendments to the Bill of Rights.

Citizens for Trump has yet to receive a permit for the Convention. Sound one-sided? You bet it is. The group was originally planning on having a march of 5,000 people featuring motorcycles from the group Bikers for Trump. According to a letter to the ACLU from Cleveland’s chief counsel, the motorcycles would be a security issue.

“After the June 6 meeting, we discussed this issue with our safety forces and the U.S. Secret Service. Bicycles, motorcycles, and any vehicle containing gasoline or other fuel will not be allowed on the Official Parade Route,” the letter says. What a bunch of one-sided bull dung!

Citizens for Trump was also originally planning on hosting a multi-speaker six-hour event at a park, but will now be competing against other rallies for space.

The Big Steal

Stop the Steal is the non-violent, peaceful march and rally co-sponsored by Citizens for Trump, We Will Walk, Truckers for Trump, Women for Trump, Students for Trump, and Bikers for Trump.

Stop the Steal has been asking Trump supporters to come to the Convention on Monday, July 18th in Cleveland for a peaceful, non-violent rally and march. We need to send a clear signal to the GOP through our sheer numbers that we will not vote Republican, or work for the ticket if Donald Trump is robbed of the nomination at the Convention.

We must outnumber the paid professional agitators sent by radical Mexican groups, Move-On, and Black Lives Matter to incite violence, which the MSM will blame on Trump and his supporters. Above all, we must not be provoked into violence.

Stop the Steal needs the grassroots rebellion to turn out in droves. Why? Because even if Donald Trump secures 1237 commitments on the first ballot, the anti-Trump forces are stealing a majority on questions of rules and credentials. By placing anti-Trump Republicans in the Trump delegate seats (so called Trojan Horse delegates) they plan a rules change that will unbind the delegates. Because they have stacked the Trump delegate seats with ringers, this crucial vote comes before the first ballot for President. If passed the Trump delegates will no longer be bound by party rules to vote for Trump. Anti-Trump quislings are being planted in various delegations that will be free to betray Trump, regardless of the will of the voters. This is the BIG STEAL.

Even if you can’t make it to Cleveland, they need our help and support today. Please contribute to Stop the Steal, so expenses for cheap housing for Trump supporters, porta-potties, sound systems, etc. can be purchased.

This is an urgent call to support our candidate, Donald J. Trump, at the RNC Convention.


My friend and fellow journalist, Devvy Kidd, wrote an article that gives the best explanation of why America is in the crucial and tragic situation we have today. Primary Voters Still Voting For Their Own Destruction tells the full story. Comic strip, Pogo, made the famous and all true statement, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Devvy and Pogo are spot on.

Believe me, I know there are a myriad of other reasons, and hordes of demonic entities and organizations are responsible, but we need to get off our fat behinds, and go to the polls in droves.

Very few of America’s electorate turn out for the most important vote, and that’s the primaries. They are where we choose who will be the candidates. If you don’t show up there, the same ole, same ole, garbage is the candidate again, and then “we” wonder why there is no one to vote for, and we end up with the same traitorous slop we’ve had for the last two or six years.

Congress has an approval rating of 5% to 9% at best, and we’ve repeatedly put these Judas’s back in office. The backstabbing duplicity of these re-elected incumbents continues because of us. That’s the bottom line.

As we’ve seen over the last year of this campaign, both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the rancorous and malicious attacks on the voters’ choice, Donald J. Trump.

Our support for the man we’ve chosen as the next president of the United States is crucial. It is incumbent upon us, Mr. Trump’s supporters, to greatly outnumber George Soros’ community organizing communist agitators.

Be in Cleveland on July 18th, pray for Mr. Trump and his family, and pray for our country. This is the watershed make or break election for America.

[P.S. In order to help Mr. Trump we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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