Conservative Attorney Matt Corey Seeking Oregon Judgeship

Conservative Attorney Matt Corey Seeking Oregon Judgeship

By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

The constitution means what it says. No more, no less. I am an originalist in that sense. Judges ought not search the text to “find” answers that are not there. Legislating belongs to the legislative branches. With that said, the constitution provides for changes through the amendment process. That is the mechanism by which we change, add to, or take away from the constitution. Not through new forms of judicial “interpretation.” —Matt Corey, Assistant District Attorney, Josephine County, Oregon

In a past news story, the political news correspondent exposed multi-billionaire George Soros’s plan to finance a campaign to reshape the courts in a number of states.

The first step in the Soros backed scheme is to keep conservative judges off the court benches by taking judicial selection decisions away from American citizens and handing them over to “merit” boards stacked with legal special interests, according to a conservative political consultant.

The second step is to gag any conservative judge who happens to slip by with phony demands to recuse him/herself, claims Peter Schuyler, a former Senate staffer and college professor.

“In each instance, the goal is not to produce fairer, more accountable courts, but to impose the Left’s agenda on unwilling voters,” said Schuyler.

Most Americans understand that the purpose of State Supreme Courts is not, and should not be, to advance political views or a social agenda. The purpose of appellate and high court is to insure that laws do not violate state constitutions or the U.S. Constitution, and that the law is applied as intended by the nation’s Founding Fathers.

Legal scholars who are considered Constitutionalists believe that if a state’s or the federal government’s higher court becomes stacked with socialist, one-world-government judges, the Constitution is likely to take a back seat to the political whims of black-robed lawyers, a situation that could very well jeopardize Americans’ constitutional rights.

In the state of Oregon, the forces of George Soros and other card-carrying members of the Deep State are actively seeking to gain absolute political and social control of the government by the election or appointment of judges who believe in legislating far-left, neo-socialist policies from the bench.

However, a local assistant attorney general in Grants Pass, Oregon, Matt Corey, who seeks a seat on the bench of the circuit court has thrown his hat into the ring for the upcoming election and he is being touted by conservatives and libertarians as the GOP candidate capable of handling multi-billionaire and neo-Marxist George Soros and the members of the Deep State.

The events of 9/11 and then the invasion of Iraq and the arrest and execution of its terrorist leader directed Matt Corey to serve in his country’s military. He answered the call for duty by enlisting in the United States Army and serving in Iraq. While serving on the frontlines of the war, he successfully completed over 200 combat patrol/VIP escort missions.

After graduating from Willamette University College of Law, Corey chose to serve the people of Josephine County as a prosecutor in the office of the District Attorney.

Josephine County’s criminal justice system in the past went through some tough times, but Matt Corey worked harder than ever because he knew victims needed justice, criminals needed to be held accountable, and the hard-working, law-abiding citizens of Josephine County deserved to have a fighter on their side.

The majority of the cases in Josephine County are criminal proceedings, and so Matt has been prosecuting criminal cases in Josephine County for his entire professional career as an attorney. His caseload included trying drunk drivers, drug dealers, thieves, child abusers, sex offenders, and murderers.

Matt Corey served on and supports Josephine County’s Drug Court. He also supports the county’s Mental Health Court. These courts, along with juvenile intervention and reformation, seek to reduce crime and save tax dollars by addressing the underlying causes of drug abuse and addiction.

Matt Corey has the knowledge and experience Josephine County needs in a judge. He’s also respected as a straight-shooter who has no secret or politically-motivated agenda. He has proven that he believes everyone has a right to be heard and treated equally under the law. According to one of the Grants Pass Police Association, “As your judge, he will ensure every citizen is treated with respect and given a fair hearing. Matt Corey will serve you honorably and ethically.”

“Matt Corey has the knowledge and experience Josephine County needs in a judge,” the group said in its endorsement.

When asked about the current situations involving constitutional law, Corey said in an interview with, “Our constitutional protections for freedom of speech begin with the phrase, “Congress shall make no law…” The framers were concerned with limiting the power of governments to outlaw dissent, criticism, and more. The best way to think about this right: think of the most offensive, unpopular, and/or out of the mainstream ideas. If those ideas are not protected, the meaning of this freedom is of no consequence. As to the Second Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled in the Heller case in 2008 that the Second Amendment established an individual right to bear arms.”

Corey said he believes “The Fourth Amendment has unfortunately been completely undermined by the so-called ‘War on Drugs’. The exceptions to the warrant requirement have eviscerated the rule. As to the specific examples you asked me of, I simply cannot provide an informed response. I do not have access to the information and evidence I would need to provide you with a fully informed response. The fact that the people are unable to obtain the information underlying the actions of our government is its own problem.”

One of the complaints leveled at the U.S. judiciary is the allegations that judges actually legislate from the bench such as those who have ruled against President Trump’s immigration enforcement strategy.

“A judge, or a judge candidate, cannot express personal views about particular court decisions or pending court decisions without risking having to recuse oneself from cases dealing with those particular issues. Judges must make decisions based on the rules of evidence and the law. Lower courts are required to adhere to the decisions of higher courts,” said Corey.

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