Clinton campaign imploding, Abedin in hot water

Clinton campaign imploding, Abedin in hot water

“Wickedness was like food: once you got started it was hard to stop; the gut expanded to take in more and more.” —John Updike, The Witches of Eastwick

“Additionally, when she walked around the White House, NO ONE was permitted to look her in the eye, they all had to lower their heads with their eyes towards the ground whenever she walked by. Clearly she is a class act!” —Ronald Kessler, Inside the White House

Hillary is Once Again Under Investigation

Images of Abedin crying on the Clinton plane have surfaced after the FBI announcement that they’ve reopened the Clinton email investigation. It was later revealed that Huma Abedin’s ex-husband, Anthony Weiner, shared the same laptop that contained damning evidence against Clinton.

Abedin has worked for Hillary Clinton for 21 years as her number one aide, and her presence has been fodder for any number of conservative articles, including my own, because of her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which makes this entire FBI investigation even more interesting.

Back in July, everyone assumed that when FBI Director James Comey said, “I’m not moving forward with charges; I’m not going to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton,” that the investigation was closed. But apparently, they never closed it. It was still technically open. Other investigations within the FBI were going on, and in this case, one of them was Anthony Weiner, former husband of Huma Abedin, whose proclivities to send pornographic photos of himself were allegedly under investigation. Of course, that investigation by the FBI led them to the emails from Anthony Weiner’s and Huma Abedin’s devices, and thus finding classified government information on them. Now there are warrants for even more.

She previously was granted an immunity deal by the FBI, as were other Clinton staff.

By withholding evidence during her FBI interview, that she had a home computer and then lying that she only printed emails at the State Dept., not home, Huma Abedin just wrote a big fat VOID over her immunity deal. So, is she going to talk or face jail? My guess is she’ll plead the 5th. She is not on the plane with Hillary to Florida, although she was on the plane yesterday to Iowa. Hillary doesn’t want her around apparently. When you play with fire, you often get burned.

This could not have happened at a worse time for Hillary Clinton. I wonder what kind of deal Obama is making to be kept out of this mess. She is now a cornered animal, and one I would consider even more dangerous than she is normally.

Huma Testified to Hillary’s Burned Schedules

Yes, Huma Abedin testified in a deposition last July where she indicated that Hillary Clinton destroyed a ton of her schedules when she was Secretary of State. Why would she put hundreds of her own travel logs in a burn bag to have destroyed? Aren’t all of her travels as Secretary documented by the government?

In that deposition, it was obvious that Huma was also “extremely careless” with some sensitive documents, and even emailed another aide to tell her that Hillary’s schedule was left sitting on a bed in an unlocked hotel room.

There’s more…WikiLeaks revealed that Abedin had access to Hillary’s Secretary of State email address that wasn’t secured! Hillary apparently naps quite frequently because of a mental health issue, or maybe because of one too many cocktails, but nevertheless, she allowed Huma to use her email server to send replies and read what was coming in. Abedin did NOT have the clearance to operate under this capacity, but Hillary allowed her to do so.

Assange and Judicial Watch Release New Emails

In Julian Assange’s latest release of 296 emails, it is believed that Huma Abedin has committed a number of felonies. Judicial Watch, in working with WikiLeaks, says these emails show that Hillary has committed more crimes, but also that Abedin is complicit.

The new documents reveal that in April 2009, controversial Clinton Foundation official, Doug Band, pushed for a job for an associate. In the email, Band tells Hillary Clinton’s former aides at the State Department, Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, that it is “important to take care of [Redacted]. Band is reassured by Abedin that, “Personnel has been sending him options.” Band is co-founder of Teneo Strategy with Bill Clinton, and a top official of the Clinton Foundation, including its Clinton Global Initiative.

Remember that Doug Band was originally Bill Clinton’s close aide, and John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, whose WikiLeaks emails are of great interest, was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff.

Doug Band actually directed Abedin and Cheryl Mills to put Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire and Clinton Foundation donor, Gilbert Chagoury, in touch with the person at the State Dept. on Lebanon. He insisted to Huma and Cheryl that Chagoury is a key guy. Of course he is, because he’s a close friend of Bill Clinton’s and a top donor to his Foundation. According to foundation documents, he’s a top donor of between $1 and $5 million. And…get this, he pledged $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative. But there’s even more…Chagoury was convicted in Switzerland in 2000 for laundering money from Nigeria and had to repay $66 million to the Nigerian government. The corruption runs deep.

What they were doing was a clear violation of the ethics agreements Hillary had to sign before becoming Secretary of State. She promised she would not participate personally and substantially in any particular matter involving specific parties in which The William J. Clinton Foundation (or the Clinton Global Initiative) were involved.

“No wonder Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin hid emails from the American people, the courts and Congress,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “They show the Clinton Foundation, Clinton donors, and operatives worked with Hillary Clinton in potential violation of the law.”

In June, Judicial Watch uncovered two batches (here and here) of new Clinton email records through court-ordered discovery.

Twice in May, Judicial Watch uncovered new Clinton emails, including emails that show Clinton knew about the security risk of her BlackBerry (see here and here).

This is another email find also at odds with her official campaign statement suggesting all “work or potentially work-related emails” were provided to the State Department.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch discusses his team’s findings in this video.

Social Media Black Out

FBI emails are not trending on Twitter, on Facebook, on Buzz feed, or Snap Chat. What is trending on Twitter now is the top story that Hillary Clinton is winning! Control, control, control. The 5th story on Twitter is, “Was James Comey Wrong to Write to Congress!”

The FBI has opened a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION INTO THE DEMOCRAT CANDIDATE FOR PRESIDENT! And you can’t find squat about it on social media!

What kind of genius loses $6 billion dollars, four American lives, a laptop, four cell phones, three tablets, and 33,000 emails all while Secretary of State? A criminal, that’s what kind!

Hillary has learned from countless previous scandals that lying and obfuscating allows you to get away with criminal conduct.

Trump is right, it’s way past time to Drain the Swamp!

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