Canada, U.S. and Mexico leaders plot North American union

Canada, U.S. and Mexico leaders plot North American union

I want to build a wall. Second of all, we have a lot of really bad dudes in this country from outside. They go, if I get elected. Gangs all over the place. We have a country of laws, they’re going to go out, and they’ll come back if they deserve to come back. If they’ve had a bad record, if they’ve been arrested, if they’ve been in jail, they’re never coming back. Right now, we don’t have a country, we don’t have a border, and we’re going to do something about it. — Donald Trump

Obama’s NAU is Alive and Well

Think the North American Union (NAU) is on the back burner? Think again! Brexit didn’t stop Obama’s plans to fundamentally change America and allow the invasion of illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees. Obama’s North American leaders’ summit was to discuss global warming, trade, environment, human rights, and cooperation between the three nations, basically plotting the expansion of the North American Union.

Ahead of the summit, Canada and Mexico also announced new bilateral measures to reduce barriers between the two countries. Canada is lifting visa requirements for Mexican visitors starting in December 2016, while Mexico will open its markets to Canadian beef.

President Barack Obama’s meetings with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto came at a time of growing isolationist sentiments, not only in North America, but across the pond.

“The integration of national economies into a global economy, that’s here. That’s done,” Obama said.

The corrupt Mexican government is sending their people across the southern border to leech the substance out of the American people. These illegals are immediately put on the government dole, sucking up tax dollars in benefits they didn’t earn. Open borders are what the globalists want, and it is why globalists on both sides of the aisle fight against Donald Trump’s wall. The Congress has been complicit in helping Obama to bring in his Marxist utopia, to fill our nation with those who will never assimilate, and to bring disease and destruction to our people.

Global Warming Initiatives

The three leaders are expected to announce a North America-wide partnership to cut greenhouse-gas emissions by setting a common goal of powering 50 percent of North America’s electricity with renewable energy sources by 2025, up from 37 percent today, according to The New York Times.

In the United States, that means speeding up a shift from coal. Coal-fired plants account for a third of the nation’s electricity, compared to almost half a decade ago. Hillary Clinton has openly stated she will follow this same course and has said that coal plants and miners are a thing of the past. Thousands of coal mining jobs have already been lost in states where there are no other jobs. [Link]

Trade Deals

Obama repeatedly pushed his sovereignty destroying Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal which is despised by Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions.

Trudeau warned against protectionism in trade. “Better collaboration, better partnerships are a path to prosperity,” he said. “And that’s a compelling example that we want to showcase at a time where, unfortunately, people are prone to turning inwards which will unfortunately be at the cost of economic growth and their own success.” Right Trudeau, we really need more job losses and companies moving to foreign shores.

Mr. Trump has threatened to pull out of the two-decade-old North American Free Trade Agreement and vowed to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-country pact that has yet to take effect, if he is elected. Another reason the sovereignty destroying globalists on both sides of the aisle despise Mr. Trump.

As Patrik Jonsson of the Christian Science Monitor writes in the first of a five-part series on free trade, the globalization of industry has produced lasting decline in some areas of the US:

“More than a decade after opening their doors to Chinese goods, many Americans have endured unemployment or low pay for longer than anyone expected, widening the gap between rich and poor. Except for Mr. Trump on the right and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D) of Vermont on the left, presidential candidates who lambasted recent trade deals, the political establishment by and large has yet to grasp the enormity of the problem.

Fears of a Trump Presidency

Nevertheless, the summit was overshadowed by the worry of Donald Trump’s march towards the White House and it sneaked into the discussion, not to mention the damper the UK’s withdrawal from the EU put on the meeting.

Obama spent much of the time reassuring Canada’s Trudeau and Mexico’s Nieto that the North American Community will continue with open borders and free trade, and that Donald Trump’s wall will not be built.

He dismissed Donald Trump with a derisive hand gesture and saying, “Setting aside whatever the candidates are saying, America is a nation of immigrants.”

Well, Barry, that is true, but this nation was never built on illegal law breakers. It was built by people who came here to become American citizens and to make a better life for themselves and their families. Unfortunately, too many Americans have died at the hands of illegals crossing our southern borders. And now we have Muslim refugees flooding our country who are not vetted or checked for diseases, and who hates Jews and Christians…all thanks to this rotten Marxist Muslim administration.


One thinks of the Mexican government as being so very corrupt, and truly, they are. However, the American government, and the Canadian government are just as criminal. All three of these hard leftist leaders are plotting for the destruction of the sovereignty of their countries.

One of my dear veteran friends told me that in 1976 he heard a Rabbi say, “July 4th is a celebration of freedom rooted in thanksgiving to God,” and he never forgot it.

I believe that only with Mr. Trump will the 4th of July again have the meaning of true independence for the United States of America.

Donald Trump stands in the gap to protect America and her citizenry. It is up to us to stop the onslaught of the New World Order and to support Donald Trump for the 45th President of the United States.

[P.S. In order to help Mr. Trump we need to increase the hits to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]

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