Anti-Trump groups defeated in federal court

Anti-Trump groups defeated in federal court

The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing. -John Adams

“Despotism despises nothing so much as righteousness in its victims.” Author: -Gregory David Roberts

“…I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” -Psalms 84:10

“Never Trumpers” are Defeated

Donald Trump’s website has reported victory in the battle against the Never Trumpers. Senior United States District Judge, Robert E. Payne, today ruled in favor of Trump campaign delegates who had argued – in line with overwhelming public opinion – that RNC delegates must follow election results and that delegates cannot be stolen at the national convention. Delegate Beau Correll, Jr., had brought the suit against the Commonwealth of Virginia hoping to reject the will of the voters, but was soundly defeated. [Link]

Trump Campaign Attorney and former FEC Chairman Don McGahn issued the following statement:

“The court has confirmed what we have said all along: Rule 16 is in effect and thus delegates, including Correll, are bound to vote in accordance with the election results. The court did not buy what Curly Haugland (of Delegates Unbound) was selling, and noted that his testimony has no support in the rule’s text and was contradicted by his own book, Unbound. This case puts his unbound theory to rest, and is a fatal blow to the Anti-Trump agitators.

See Part 1 of my previous articles on the Plan to Sabotage Trump at the RNC Rules Committee, regarding the group called Delegates Unbound, run by Curly Haugland and Sean Parnell.

In Roger Stone’s article in The Hill, he clarifies the falsities promoted by Haugland and Parnell:

Mr. Haugland suggests that unspecified Supreme Court rulings justify ignoring state laws binding delegates. Once again, he is merely dreaming. As a matter of practical reality, Mr. Trump has hundreds of more delegates than the 1,237 he needs to win the nomination. Moreover, even if Mr. Haugland’s hopes materialize to some degree and a few delegates go rogue, in order for Mr. Haugland’s point to have any merit would require literally hundreds of Trump delegates to prefer some other candidate than the one to whom they, and he, are mutually committed. But, even then, the dream of the Never-Trumpers for the nomination of some as-still unknown “white knight” would run smack into Rule 40, which even Mr. Haugland concedes will govern: to have his name placed in nomination, a candidate must –in advance– have a majority of delegates from at least eight states. Could Rule 40 be changed?

Certainly, any rule can be changed, as we have shown. But as of now, it is in force and will remain so unless changed, and for it to be changed will require 1,237 votes, and thus the defection of hundreds and hundreds of Trump delegates on the first day of the convention.

So, to Mr. Haugland and his small misanthropic band of Never-Trumpers, we simply say read the rules again. The rules are as they are, not as you wish they were.

The band of disingenuous anti-Trumpers are defeated. I can imagine they’re kicking the cat over this one. Too bad! Righteousness won! We look forward to Mr. Trump’s nomination of GOP candidate for President, on the first ballot.

Roger Stone and the ACLU Prevail

Thanks to the efforts of Roger Stone and the Ohio ACLU, Citizens for Trump wins!

On June 23rd, a federal judge struck down rules set for protesters at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland starting on the 18th of July.

Ohio’s branch of the American Civil Liberties Union brought the suit against the City of Cleveland, arguing that restrictions on protesters within the “event zone” around Quicken Loans Arena are unconstitutional. Those restrictions would ban certain items, including large backpacks, tape and string, and limit where within the 3.5 square mile zone demonstrators can speak and hold a parade.

U.S. District Judge, James Gwin’s ruling, came 25 days before Republican delegates and leaders descend upon Cleveland. It forced the city to redraw the boundaries to the so-called “event zone.”

In his comments, the judge attacked several aspects of the event zone and the accompanying restrictions, which the city announced late last month. After weeks of back and forth in the lawsuit with the city of Cleveland, the judge ruled in their favor, citing the city’s newly imposed security parameters as overreaching and unconstitutional. In the end, the good guys won and got their permit.

Roger Stone Discusses the Lawsuit

In early July, Roger Stone told Alex Jones,

“We had a big victory today and we finally prevailed over the City of Cleveland. We have our permits, after going to court, and being represented by the liberal ACLU to do so. We have knocked down their restrictions on free speech. The rally where many wonderful patriots are speaking is July 18th, at 11 a.m. EST, at the Settler’s Landing Park. We now have a permit from the City of Cleveland. We are scrambling to raise the money to pay for the staging that is required by the city, as well as the public address system we will need, the marshals, and all the rest. We’re going to have to raise at least $30,000 to pay for everything, soup to nuts.

We stopped our fundraising when the city stopped negotiating with us, and now we have to gin it back up.

Thankfully, Alex Jones of Infowars is helping to fund Citizens for Trump.

These two wins for the Trump Campaign are smoothing the way to the nomination and ultimately to the White House. Try to be there for the America First Unity Rally in Cleveland next Monday, July 18th.

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