A complete usurpation of Josephine County government

A complete usurpation of Josephine County government

GRANTS PASS , OREGON. —I would be wasting your time if I were to start preaching about the corruption in Josephine County government, because we all know this is a cancer eating away at our freedoms and when I say we, I mean the group of folks here, and you know who you are, that actually care about what happens in this county and are trying to reshape it back to a constitutional status.

There is not one aspect of this county or city government that hasn’t been usurped for the globalist Agenda 21-2030. The judges, county clerk, city council, sheriff, city manager, the DA, police chief, and the mayor all have been compromised and are working against us, their bosses. (The servant has become the master). This does not include the everyday worker who’s compartmentalized to limit their knowledge so they can never see the big picture. It’s the people in key positions like mentioned that control the rest.

The city manager and his assistant for instance, dole out large amounts of money without regard to the tax payers. They are funding, (28,000 + a month) to a third party individual (crony) that isn’t qualified to run an ad campaign to bring in tourism, yet he is still collecting those checks every month (for a three year contract) despite the fact that the local economy is in a downfall and his ideas don’t work while he produces nothing to benefit this county’s tourism industry.

NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) seem to run Josephine County such as SOS and SOREDI which has many of our elected officials on their boards (conflict of interest?) involved in promoting their globalist agenda ignoring what the public says or wants.

Then you have the clergy response teams (church pastors) and our elected sheriff and police chief trying to control the people’s politics to pass a levy with falsehoods that god gave them the power and so you should obey them or you’re in defiance of god, (Romans thirteen). God doesn’t give power to tyrants, only the devil does.

The integrity and morality of this county government was gone a long time ago and getting it back should be a battle we must not ever give up on. This in despite the fact that in today’s politically corrupt world it seems as though sending good people to reform government is like sending a virgin to a whore house to reform. Integrity and morality are out the window in this country.

One of the reasons the tyranny has remained so long is that the globalist have their people in key positions of government to control the lower levels and every county is played by design in similar fashion. One of those key position is the county clerk’s office. He controls the ballot box for which we are told is a sacred job demanding the utmost in honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

And as it should be, but unfortunately the recent announcement of the departure of Art Harvey the county clerk to another county’s government position has suspicious motives especially since Art Harvey was allegedly involved in vote/election fraud and the proof documentation is a matter of public record.

He is not above the law and this can result in jail time for him if some brave soul in government will prosecute him, but wait , I forgot the prosecutor’s office won’t prosecute one of their own.

Just as the former city manager David Frasher who was fired by the city council moved to another town to infect the government there, Art Harvey has been essentially redeployed to another venue in Jackson County. Was this by design to perpetuate the corrupt individuals staying in office?

Here’s is just one of the violations that we have documentation to prove our allegations;

The recall of Sandi Cassanelli whether you agree with her or not, citizens should stand against this because this was not a valid recall and it was illegally executed. It starts out the chief petitioner William Edward Bowers submitted his signed document to the county clerk’s office on the tenth of August 2011. Oops, they misspelled Ms. Cassanelli’s name wrong. That would require a new petition to be signed, turned in, and recorded.

No problem, they will just issue another document three days later with the name spelled correctly but this time oops, there’s no chief petitioners signature and this is after William Bowers was notified his petition from the tenth was accepted 3 days earlier while Ms. Cassanelli’s name was misspelled.

With Art giving acceptance of an invalid document on the tenth, then trying to cover up the mistake with a later document that was used as the official document on the thirteenth, unsigned by the chief petitioner, and not officially accepted (date and time-stamped) by the recorder, is nothing more than election/vote fraud. The documents to prove this is a matter of public record and this is not an assumption it is fact.

Just to be clear, the original document issued and officially recorded using the misspelled name on the tenth was not used and was replaced on the thirteenth without notice given to the chief petitioner as to the change. This new document was officially unrecorded ( date and time stamped) but used as a valid document which remained unsigned by the chief petitioner William Bowers making that null and void as well. By all rights Ms. Cassanelli should have remained in office to finished out her last year.

So from the very start the recall was invalid and Art Harvey allegedly knew this but remained silent until a relentless pursuit of the truth by Ms. Cassanelli who filed several complaints to obtain the documentation showed the proof of her suspicions which exposes Arts fraud.

Ms. Cassanelli’s petition signature throw out rate was 5% but by comparison the recall for Cheryl Walker had a near 30% throw-out rate due to what was said to be invalid signatures because of inactivity. Come on Art, REALLY?

So, if I decide to not exercise my right to vote for any of the candidates running because I didn’t like any of them, then I am disenfranchised because I didn’t choose the lesser of two or three evils? Evil is evil no matter the degree and I won’t vote for it. Registering to vote does not mean I have to vote in every election or chose someone against my will just to stay active. Besides that, the people who were registered voters and signed the petitions were being active don’t you think?

To add more to the story, the ethics board recently found all of the county commissioners had violated multiple ethics rules concerning closed door session discussions. The commissioners were having discussions behind closed doors which should have involved the public but the public was not informed nor given a chance to weigh in on the facts.

Breaking. according to very credible inside sources, the commissioners who could easily pay the seventy-five dollar fine for each of their ethics violations and be done with it, now want to use county money to hire a high priced lawyer from Portland to defend their unethical behavior.

Seventy five dollars is a drop in the bucket for them but they insist on using thousands of dollars of tax payer money to try and exonerate themselves from the factual charges the ethics commission found in their investigation.

Talk about over the top corruption, this takes the prize. Not only do we have corrupt politicians but now they want you to pay for their lawyer if they get caught.

Recently, on another corruption note, commissioner Simon Hare had been arrested on DUI and reckless driving charges. The incident happened as Mr. Hare was pulling out of a strip club in Eugene and almost hit a cop car.

Mr. Hare is asking the public to be patient with him as he goes through treatment. Do we really want to wait for him to clean-up his act? He will undoubtedly fall off the wagon as most alcohol addicted people do. So how are we to know this won’t escalate into another incident or even more sexual misconduct on Mr. Hares part, besides just using someone else’s phone to text a complete stranger he would like to get in her pants while the father is sitting right there. Simon Hare has alcohol and sex problems and cannot be trusted to properly carry out his duties as commissioner. The people who control these people behind the scenes do not care about their exploits as long as they are compromised to keep their control over them.

When most of the politicians in this county belong to the Rotary Club (founded by a communist) and other 501c3’s and NGO’s like SOS and SOREDI discussing county business without the input of the public combined with a low voter turnout, then we get what we have, a usurped government. Those politicians that are elected should conduct business in their elected offices during business hours and not during off hours in private NGO meetings as they do presently.

If people watch TV’s mainstream news media then they will remain uninformed and misguided. Garbage in, garbage out. People must turn off that mind altering programming machine known as TV and get involved in life or lose it, get involved in government or lose your freedoms, which are rapidly dwindling.

Voltaire once said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” The TV is there to do just that.

This usurpation is an all too familiar tune in most every county in this country. All county governments by design are to be usurped by the false authority of the U.N Agenda 21-2030 to further the globalist agenda of full spectrum dominance by controlling the world governments and their people.

Whether a person writes an article, votes with their dollar, investigates corruption, joins the local political movement, goes to city council meetings and commissioners meeting, or merely investigates the candidate they’re voting for, they are contributing to a sorely needed positive change of citizen involvement.

Do people really want to give away their freedoms in exchange for a false sense of security from boogie men the government creates? Apparently the left and right if you believe in that false paradigm, is nothing more than a two party dictatorship that wants to use our founding documents as fire starter.

As Ben Franklin said, “Those that would give up liberty for security will receive neither and deserve neither”. No matter a person’s political affiliations or trendy named bent this should be at the heart of all political decision making, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. God help America! And please, do your homework before you vote.

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